Spoil Simmon's "Fall of Hyperion" for me

I’m sure anyone who is able to spoil it for me will insist that I read it instead but I’ll take a shot at asking. I just finished “Hyperion” and was VERY disappointed in the ending. Otherwise, I thought the book was fantastic. Personally, I like the questions raised as main plot points to be answered by the end otherwise it should be called a Part 1. Would someone mind summarizing the fate of the pilgrims, the origin and intentions of the Shrike, and the contents of the Time Tombs?

There was no ending to be disappointed by in “Hyperion”. It’s a single story, ending in “Fall”.

Don’t let anybody spoil it for you because you made the mistake of thinking one book is a sequel when it’s really a single story over two books. I found the ending very satisfying in “Fall”.

Well Revtim, at least you agree with me on the story not having an ending. I was anticipating flames from fanboys/girls indicating that my feelings regarding the ending were really an intolerance of non-traditional literature.