Spoil "The Purge" for me

So I was over reading this review of The Purge. The author pretty much rips it apart, which didn’t surprise me. But then he says that the final scene is “genuinely superb”, which did. I will never in a million years watch the movie, but this made me juuuust curious enough about the ending to start this thread. So how does it end, and why is the ending so good?

“Purge” is the name of his sled.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

It was all just a dream.

The entire plot is detailed here. I would try to boil that down for you, but it probably wouldn’t be much shorter than that anyway.

Huh. I read both the review and the plot synopsis and I think the whole movie from beginning to end is fucking dumb and I don’t get what makes the end so great.

Me too. How is the ending “genuinely superb”?

From the reviews I read, it sounded to me like that old Star Trek episode where they had “Festival!”

You are not of the body -

And was exactly what I said the first time I saw a preview for this movie…

She has a penis and was a ghost the whole time.

Just read it -

“what a twist”… sheesh.

Hijack: A few years ago, I remember finding sites such as that one for plot descriptions of movies that I didn’t want to bother seeing but for which I wanted to know the twist. Now I find that almost every movie and TV show has a detailed plot description right in Wikipedia, so that’s usually the first place I go. Wikipedia pretty much made those sites obsolete.

I just wish they would add a spoiler tag to the available Wiki editing tools.

I hear ya, but personally I prefer the Movie Spoiler site because the plot description is generally much more detailed where Wikipedia prefers them to be more succinct. If I’m going to spoil a movie that I know I’m not going to watch, I want to get in as much detail as possible.

You’re not alone.

I’d also love some explanation as to how the purge creates a 1% unemployment as the trailers claim.

I doubt it would reduce crime, but I can see the idea behind it, but how does it reduce unemployment.

Is the idea that all the poor, unemployed people get killed off?

Sounds like it. In the review I linked at the top, it makes it sound like the Purge is a way for the rich productive people to wipe out all of the useless scroungers.

Uh, the movie ended, guy.

Landru, guide us!

Isn’t 1% unemployment bad?

I’ll wait for the prequel: The Binge.

As I understand modern economic thinking, yes. A good U3 rate is thought to be somewhere in the 3-4% range.