Spoil "The Upside of Anger" for me... or don't

I pretty much ignored The Upside of Anger when it was released, because, well, you know, it’s a total chick flick. And it’s got Kevin Costner.

But I’ve been reading some reviews that say Joan Allen is amazing in it, and I think she’s cool anyway, so maybe I want to check it out. And I’ve been hearing a lot that the ending is a total surprise that comes out of nowhere, and that has me dying to know what happens.

So if you’ve seen the movie, either:

  1. Tell me that it’s worth seeing and I should rent it, or
  2. Tell me that I’m not missing anything by not seeing it, and tell me what the ending is, using a spoiler box please.

The movie isn’t that bad as far as romantic comedies go. It’s not as cliched as most and has some laughs in it.

The surprise ending centers around that the fact that everyone believes Joan Allen’s husband walked out on the family a couple of years before and no one had heard from him since. While surveying some property in the back of Joan Allen’s house, Costner discovers an old well under some underbrush and finds the body of Allen’s husband. He didn’t abandon the family after all.

It’s worth a rental, if for no other reason than to see Costner not suck. :smiley:

I, for one, really enjoyed it. The surprise ending was pretty neat. Kevin Costner played the roll for which he was born to play.

I saw it in theatres, and I’d rent it again.


Worth a look. It’s not a bad flick, and the performances in it are certainly quite good.

It’s definitely a chick film that a guy can sit through with very little trouble.

It’s directed by Mike Binder, who did that awful series for HBO. Binder gave himself a role in the movie, which really isn’t necessary.

The only improvement I would have made to the film would have been a nekkid pillow fight among all of the sisters. That would have added another star to my rating. :smiley:

I think it was a great movie. Costner and Allen have fine performances. Their characters are nuanced and real and you believe that they could be actual people, unlike so many characters in movies. Definitely see it.