Spoil this movie for me-Family Stone obvious spoilers

It was on tonight, I saw bits of it, both enough and not enough. I saw the end. Sarah ends up with Luke? and Claire Daines ends up w/Dermont? had there been a prior relationship (tween Claire and Dermont) and what was Diane Keaton ‘secret’?

She was dying (of cancer, IIRC).

Yes Sarah ended up with Luke; Clare Danes ended up with McDermott. Keaton’s character was dying, of cancer probably, and wasn’t there for the next Christmas.

Did you like this movie? I thought it was a waste of a lot of good talent, but to each their own.

Thanks (and for corrections of names)- no. I hated it but wondered about those points- enough to post and ask, not enough to spend the buck and 2 hours to rent/watch it.


It was a whole family of assholes, being assholish to their son’s asshole girlfriend, because she wasn’t the same kind of asshole they were.

Great summary, Batsinma! Have you seen the new Will Smith movie? Maybe you can sum up that one for me

Not yet. But when/if I do, I’ll do my best. :smiley:

I can’t really argue with that, and yet I liked it for some reason; against my will, almost. Maybe just because it made my girlfriend laugh, and I like to see her happy.