Spoil this movie for me...Spoilers obviously!

I am a bit of a movie chicken but I love hearing about them, so can someone spoil these movies for me??

Pretty please…?

[li]Don’t Look Now[/li][li]Eraserhead[/li][li]Repulsion[/li][li]The Cook, The Thief and her Lover[/li][li]Audition[/li][/ul]

May be more to follow

The blind man did it
An OCD did it
Calvin Klein did it
All three did it. A lot
The actor playing the butler did it.

Requiem for Dream

NO fair, no fair!!

C’mon. Appreciate my squeamishness, but I hear so much about these films I need to know.

The smack did it.

The girl did it. In the most disgusting ways imaginable.

In no particular order we see . . …

Ellyn Burstyn receive eloctroshock therapy
Jared Leto shoot up into the gangrenous hole in his arm
The consequent amputation of aforementioned arm (not the whole thing, though)
Jennifer Connolly participate in a sex show involving a double dildo and another woman. It is not sexy in any way shape or form.
Various shots of people doing drugs, which are necessarily graphic, but if you’re a recovered/ recovering addict, it can be majorly oogy.

The movie as a whole is extremely hard to watch, yet I highly recommend sitting through it at least once.

Oddly, as much of a horror fan as I am, I haven’t seen any of the others you have listed so far.


In a dystopian industrial future, a guy is stuck taking care of a disgusting mutated infant. It gets sick and dies.

I wasn’t too disturbed, but it would be rough on someone with a new baby.

The Cook, etc:

A despicable man kills his wife’s lover. As revenge, she has her lover cooked up and makes her husband eat him. “I suggest you start with the cock.”

I wasn’t so much disturbed as disgusted. It’s a profoundly unpleasant film throughout.


A guy, his friend, his girlfriend, and his mom have drug problems. Things seem to be going well for a while, and then spiral into a harrowing end sequence. Jared Leto gets a repulsive abcess and loses his arm. Ellen Burstyn becomes utterly batshit crazy. Marlon Wayans ends up in an abusive prison. Jennifer Connolly turns tricks and does a live sex show for heroin.

Pretty disturbing ending, IMO.

Another movie where some bad shit happens is The Rules of Attraction (2002). It did something amazing though, in that it made me respect James Van Der Beek as an actor!

Don’t Look Now- couple goes to Venice (?) after death of daughter, they consult mediums to help out, at same time a murder is loose in Venice, couple goes through difficult times, father sees a small figure in daughter’s red raincoat throughout city, may be a ghost, may really be her, turns out it is a dwarf who is the muderer, who kills dad.

Repulsion, sexually repressed woman goes slowly mad, kills man (I think) after being left alone when sister goes out of town, her mind slowly goes, she imagines things, etc.