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Sometimes, you cant be bothered to watch a movie, even though you have abn interest in it. A perfect example of this, for me, is the movie Sommersby, with Richard Gere and Jodie Foster. Now, i’ve seen this advertised many times over the years, and the trailer actually makes it look really interesting. But when it comes down to actully renting it, and devoting two hours of my life to it, i simply couldnt be bothered. But i would like to know how it ends- is Ricahard Gere really her husband? Or what If anyone would like to spill the ending, i’d appreciate it. I’ve seen loads of dumb movies too, if anyone would like to save five dollars on rental. And i will use spoiler boxes! Heck, if someone had told me how the village ended, i’d be a lot happier now! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that I haven’t seen either of these movies, but this is what I remember from reading here:


No, he’s not her husband.

The Village:

The movie actually takes place in contemporary times. The village leaders are the ones playing The Monsters.

To elaborate on Superdude’s post:Richard Gere knew Jodie Foster’s husband when they were soldiers together. They looked very much alike, so Gere assumed her husband’s identity after her husband was killed, to the extent of even effectively deceiving Jodie herself. Later, however, the crimes of her husband’s past come back to haunt Gere, who must accept punishment under the law for something he hasn’t done, or publicly admit he’s a fraud, and thus negate all the positive business ventures he’s initiated since hooking up with Jodie, who, by that time, realizes Gere is a different, better, person than her former husband. Make sense?

Spoilers for Sommersby, Untamed Heart, and The Piano are contained herein:

[spoiler]Around the time these movies came out, I was letting Mr. S pick the movies. Untamed Heart: nice guy dies. Sommersby: nice guy dies. In The Piano when she was tangled in the rope underwater, I poked Mr. S and said “If she dies, you’re in deep shit!”

Not only that, but I thought she was going to lose lots more than a finger at the stump.[/spoiler]

By the way, the story of Sommersby is based on a French folk tale (in the same vein as Robin Hood is to Americans), and was also the subject of a musical called Martin Guerre.

The musical I saw was called The House Of Martin Guerre and I enjoyed it immensely. Even though the story is sad, the songs were v. catchy!

The story is known by other titles as well, I just can’t remember what they are (and it’s driving me mad)!

One movie I’d like to be spoiled for is Monster Squad. I’ve seen the beginning a million times, but I never got to see the end because I would watch it at my babysitter’s house and my mom would always come to pick us up before the end.

Oh, God, Lola. Talk about a movie I haven’t seen in years.

“Kick him in the nards!”

And my favorite exchange (one of the members of the MS has asked the prospective kid - who he doesn’t want in the group - what the ways to kill a werewolf are)(I’m doing this from memory):

Prospect: Silver bullet.
MS kid: What else?
(Prospect doesn’t know)
MS kid: Next!
Prospect: Well, what are they?
MS kid: What are what?
Prospect: The other ways to kill a werewolf?
MS kids: Uh…car crash? Accident with a power tool?

I didn’t realize until recently that Frankenstein in the movie was played by Tom Noonan, who was Francis Dollarhyde (the Tooth Fairy) in Manhunter.

I’m pretty sure Monster Squad had a happy ending, though. Does that help?

The French movie is Le retour de Martin Guerre.

…this is the perfect site for you…

Or for a bit more detail with your spoilers, try here:

Warning-links contain BIG SPOILERS!!! :wink:

Rosebud is a sled!
(Somebody had to say it!)

Bruce Willis is dead!

That chick has a penis!

With Gerard Depardieu in the Richard Gere role.

Ahh Monster Squad, it’s like Van Helsing, only in suburbia…and with kids…and you know…entertaining.
Lets see, if I recall correctly: Scary German Guy gets the little sister to read the german incantation, which opens a portal to whereeverthehell which in turn sucks in the baddies. The fish dude gets shot with a shotgun, the mummy gets unraveled, dracula gets a wrought iron fence through the chest before being sucked in the hole, and I think the wolfman finally overcame the beast and sacraficed himself (little shaky on that last one) and Frankenstein, who was the good monster, was also sucked in, which made me sad as a child. (okay, okay, it still makes me sad)

Oh, man Ezekiel25:17 goes and gets Raptured, right in the middle of a spoiler!

Didn’t see that one coming.

Kudos kaylasdad, that was the end of the movie though. Looking back, I could have worded it better. And as a side note my screenname has very little to do with the Bible…but that’s a different movie to spoil.