*SPOILER!* Cast Away

I saw this movie over the weekend with my daughter and her friend. Not bad! On a scale of one to ten, I give it a 7, and it’s worth seeing.

It gives you the ending in the beginning, if you’re paying attention, and it was pretty well written. I found fault in a few areas, but overall it was very well done. Like when Chuck got his leg gouged by the coral; unless he cleaned it out thoroughly and prayed to the right gods, he was almost certainly looking at an infection; coral wounds, esp. that deep, are nasty. Also, after the plane crash, he surfaces only to be almost sucked in to a still running jet engine. wouldn’t happen; with engine controls and fuel lines broken, it wouldn’t be running, and you wouldn’t see flames working their way forward through the compressor section before it blew. The one package he didn’t open would most likely have sunk; it had a heavy piece of sculpture in it, and added to the soaked packing, I don’t see it floating. And lastly, by the time he was spotted by the cargo ship, he wasn’t nearly sun burnt enough.

I did find it ironic that at his welcome back party they were offering sushi and crab legs!

There have been several Cast Away-related threads in the past two months, do a search for them. Coral-induced infections were discussed.

But, anyway, are there any spoilers for a movie that’s climax is given away in the trailer?

Ah well; that’s what I get for not being on the boards much the last couple of months.

If this is truly a dead horse, let’s not beat it anymore.
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