<Spoiler> England vs. India </Spolier>

Big day in the Cricket World Cup and a bigger one for both India and England so I thought I’d start a thread and see if anyone else has chewed down to their knuckles.

The Indian batting has been improving, the English victory over Pakistan has raised expectations among the Barmy Army and at home. It’s going to be a corker with the winner pretty much guaranteed a place in the Super Six


Weather looks set fair in Durban, South Africa. India won the toss and are batting. They’re 26 – 0 after 7 overs. Looks like England might repeat the tactic of bowling Anderson for 12 straight overs. Or maybe not … pass the smelling salts, Matron, it’s going to be a long, long day …I may watch this down the boozer …

58-0. 9 overs. Tendulkar and sehwag giving it large.

Sehwag falls to Flintoff (c&b), 60/1. A very soft dismissal.

Well, this is going to be a good excuse to be at my desk all day, listening to this on Internet radio :slight_smile:

Morning and Afternoon gents. Tendulkar’s gone potty.

England need a couple more quick wickets to slow this lot down, India are going at it like a whore at five bob a pop.

75 - 1 aftert 11. Jesus.

Thank God. Tundulkar’s history. Phew … 91 - 2

Ah, cricket. It’s like reading some sort of code. For all I know, they could be calling each other asswipes, right under the noses of the moderators!

London_Calling, I’ll 91-2 your wicket, you bowler.

Believe me, Coldie, this you don’t want to understand:


And there goes wicket number three. How’s Holland doing?

Didn’t know we were in it, even! :slight_smile:

So, I read a bit of those articles… the gist of it seems to be that the Dutch team is losing, but making an impression at the same time.

Cricket’s closer to footie than I thought. :smiley:

Yes, I hear England’s thinking of hiring a Swede to be manager in cricket too :smiley:

Well at least you got to play in this World Cup … which must be nice :slight_smile:

This has been a marvellous fight back by England, initially led by Flintoff’s immaculate bowling. The so crucial last five overs remain. India are now 208 – 4 with those five overs left.

From this point, England would be happy with 245-250-ish, I suspect ?

Usually I understand what you’ve had to say. Usually.

250-8 it is with one ball to go. Three wickets in the last three balls.

And a wicket on the last ball as well.

I swear, I turned on the telly just now, and four wickets went. Blimey.

Um, so, who’s winning?

250 it is. Go our team!

So India 250/9 after its innings. A brilliant display of how not to play the last over, I thought, but 250 is going to be a fairly stiff for England to reach batting last under the lights. (If I weren’t at work, I could find out what the highest winning total in SA batting last in a day/night ODI was, but forget it. :slight_smile: )

They’d better take a Dutchman as the Netherlands have won the last two European championships.

Huh? In cricket? We did?

We surely didn’t win the last two Euros in football, that’s for sure…

Well, England’s in big trouble now, 71/5…looks like India is bound for the Super Six.

It’s not fair that the Internet radio is blaring ads for vacations in Goa, as I’m sitting here in Niagara Falls, where we’ve had four above-freezing days in the last three months. :frowning: