Spoiler tags not working?

You’re on a mission, then?

Heard from Jerry. He says he didn’t do anything to the system.

We’re investigating further.


How about this more compact form:

Spoiler tags ARE NOT working!

This is a pretty bizarre problem. Have you tried removing and reinstalling the spoiler tag? Maybe you can try adding a new one first (like [spoiler2] or something) with the same code to see if it works.

If you want to try a new spoiler tag, I found this one on vBulletin.org that I <3:

Looks like this. It eliminates the ugly black boxes and even hides smilies as well.

They’re working!

Did you all finally remember the Hampster Chow[sup]TM[/sup]? :wink:

Not sure why they stopped working, but I reinstalled and then everything was fine.

However, I am looking at changing that tag . . . perhaps for the one listed above, which I really really like. Thanks to Slacker for his contribution.


I second that proposal… It looks more professional or something. :slight_smile:

Slacker, you’re a genius. I just adopted this on my board and it works great!

I’m getting a page-not-found on that link. Did all the Dopers going to check out Slacker’s brilliance kill the site? :stuck_out_tongue:

Might I suggest a “Hide spoiler” button for Slacker’s tags? That way you can close it if you clicked the button accidentally or a spoiler-phobic spouse is reading over your shoulder.

I think I just had a crash in general. >_< Back up now though. :smiley: