Spoiler tags not working?

I was reading the updates to this thread when I realized that what I’d taken to be one person’s typo in entering a spoiler tag was actually not a typo at all, but some sort of blanket revocation of the spoiler tag. Any idea what’s going on?

No answer here; just popping in to say I noticed the same thing and was coming to ATMB to post this particular OP myself - but you beat me to it.

spoiler tags not working

if this works

**or just the **
spoiler is broken or the whole thing

 or if this can still work

I guess it isjust thisnot everything

Appears to just be the spoiler tag. Great catch here I was thinking I made a mistake in a post I posted a while ago with spoiler tags.

Heh. It was mildly surreal, actually. I’d read the linked thread earlier this morning and remembered black-box spoilers in it, but when I checked the updates this afternoon, everything was naked. It was a bit of a wrench when you’re used to the mostly immutable posts on this board.

I’m seeing it too.


The notice at the bottom of the page now reads:

" Powered by: vBulletin Version 3.0.7
Copyright ©2000 - 2006, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd."

Wasn’t the spoiler thingie an add-on, something not part of vB, and it has to be re-added for each version? Maybe jdavis, our hard-working guru, installed a new version and has yet to bring in the spoiler code. Or maybe the add-on doesn’t work with the new version.

Heck, I was all ready to report my post saying I’d screwed up the spoiler tags when I noticed there weren’t any.

I didn’t see any notice for an upgrade though, and all my tabs open with threads from yesterday also indicate vB version 3.0.7, so I think it’s still a mystery. :confused: Any mods know already?

Oh, I’ve also made a useful chart so you’ll all be able to tell when they’re working again:

Spoiler tags are NOT working! Spoiler tags ARE working!


Now that’s clever! Thinking outside the box. Kudos!

This still doesn’t work

this [sub]isn’t[/sub] working
[del]this isn’t working[/del]
[symbol]this isn’t working[/symbol]

It seems all the new stuff is broken.

I came to complain also.

Lemme check with Jerry first thing in the morning.

It’s all news to us as well.


Ellis Dee has come up with an ingenious solution…post in White.

How to

Less than perfect, tho. White on light gray BG isn’t totally invisible, at least on my display. But the only color tag that comes close to light gray is “silver”: this is silver which doesn’t work too well, either.

I think we’re all better off just being patient for a few hours more.

Try this (test)



Sweet, it works!

So this would work:

I am wearing no pants.

How YOU doin’?