Spoilers revealed in quoted posts

Lately I’ve noticed that when someone quotes a post that contains a spoiler, the spoiler is shown in cleartext even without hitting the “Show” button. For instance, it happens a couple of times (so far) in this thread.

I don’t remember seeing this problem before. Is it a new bug?

…just verifying I’m seeing the same bug: I’m using Chrome, latest version. Refreshing the page did nothing: toggling spoiler/hide didn’t hide the spoiler.

Testing the tags:


…quote testing tags.

Are y’all for whom the spoilers are visible using “Straight Dope v3.7.3” or “Sultanstheme’s Responsive vB3-blue”? I’m on Straight Dope 3.7.3 and none of the spoilers are pre-spoilt for me. Safari 11, MacOS.

…that’s the ticket. :slight_smile: Spoilers visible on “Sultanstheme’s Responsive vB3-blue” but not visible on “Straight Dope 3.7.3” for me.

In case the last two posts weren’t clear:

A few months ago the Straight dope changed the theme for the site. It was full of bugs and most people hated it. It was discussed at length in several threads. The spoiler box issue is just one of many problems.

Eventually they allowed the old theme as an option. You can revert to it. There’s a dark blue bar at the bottom of every page that allows you to select the theme. You can also set the default theme in your UserCP.

Good catch

It may be neither, depending. This post by me, in that thread, quotes some text that was originally in spoiler tags. I deliberately removed the spoiler tags (after having given double prefacing that I was going to be talking with spoilers); this was me, not the board, doing it. I’m pretty sure that that’s kosher, but if it’s not, please let me know–it didn’t occur to me until this thread that it might not be.

If it’s a different post, maybe something else is going on.

That’s not it. It’s the bug in Sultanstheme. You can see the problem in this post, in which Rick Kitchen quotes a post of mine. The spoiler shows up in cleartext under Sultanstheme, but is hidden with v3.7.3.

Thanks to everyone for your help.

Ah, I see. I should read the thread more carefully. Thanks!

Ah another reason to loathe sultanstheme as automatic default. I just found it very ugly but apparently it’s got some flaws that actually might matter too.

The current spoiler tag feature is a custom (and unsupported) Javascript tag I added to the board back in ‘09 to replace the default wall o’ black, so I’m not terribly surprised it wouldn’t work with all skins. There’s probably a script conflict between it and the default skin’s way of presenting quoted text. We’ll probably see similar conflicts with other modern skins as well.

Skip! Long time no see, dude. What are you doing, checking in every year or so?

My kids tear away a bit of my soul each day, so I can only pop in when they’re not looking.

There are other threads discussing disappointments with the Sultan skin. Especially lamentable is that text within CODE tags is mangled for Sultan skinheads. Dopers now may avoid using CODE, but old CODE posts over a period of 17 years have all become useless if viewed via Sultan.

BigT came up with, and posted, css fixes for almost all the major bugs. Sultan skinheads are welcome to use these fixes (via Greasemonkey?). AFAIK BigT has offered these fixes to Sultan free of charge, but obviously they have not been incorporated into the Board’s css.

There is exactly one feature of the new interface that I like: the menu at lower left which allows a return to v3.7.3.