Spoiler test.

Just seeing if a double depth spoiler won’t show on mouseover.


ETA: Doesn’t work, content still shows up.

Yes it does! It says moon base discovered, right?

Text in [brackets] won’t show in the mouseover. If you want it spoilered as well, I think it works to put brackets inside the spoiler tags.

[like this]

two thumbs up

Looking forward to discussing The Last Jedi, are we? :smiley:

As a side note, that trick can be used to make some interesting mouseovers that have nothing to do with the actual post. Kind of like those Mad Magazine fold-the-page things long ago.

I’m not able to see any of the spoilers in this thread with a mouseover (assuming I’m doing it correctly). I tried in Chrome and Edge.

When using Sultantheme’s Responsive vB3-blue, I can see the spoiler without a mouseover in TroutMan’s spoiler in post 4, but not in post 3.

This is referring to the text that shows on the main forum page when you mouseover the thread title.

^ Ah, in that case, never mind.

However, what I brought up regarding Sultantheme’s Responsive vB3-blue is an issue that should be fixed.

Aw, man, I was specifically trying to avoid learning test! Now you’ve gone and ruined it.