SPOILERS: Will Mark Hamill Be Oscar-Nominated?

You’re almost certainly right on this. I wonder if Rey will get to meet Yoda this way.

Connery was never nominated for playing Bond, but were his BAFTA (The Name of the Rose) and Oscar (The Untouchables) given entirely on the merits of those roles, or were they a tip of the hat to his recently concluded work in the venerable popular franchise? The Academy does stuff like that from time to time.

I haven’t been invested in the Oscars for a while, but I enjoy talking about it from time to time. Kind of like college basketball.

Yep. That’s about how I see it.

Aaaaand I guess not. Read that one wrong.

The scifi/fantasy films did get their due this year, though. Get Out and The Shape of Water both got Picture and Director nods along with a boatload of other noms. Logan nudged in with a Screenplay nomination. Good to see things open up - and to see the genre filmmakers swing big bats.

This now puts the SW trilogy at 33 total nominations across the franchise. A Tally:

10 - Ep IV
5 - Ep VII
4 - Ep III & VIII
3 - Ep V & I
2 - Rogue One
1 - Ep II & III

Only 1 acting nomination: Alec Guinness.

I mean, whiny, provincial teenager was what Luke Skywalker was supposed to be at that point in the plot. It isn’t the role with the most nuance, but Mark Hamill delivered what he was asked to.