Why do people hate Mark Hamill?

Inspired by the “Why do people hate Return of the Jedi” thread. I honestly do not understand why there is such a hatred of Mark Hamill. I’ve always kind of like the guy, and have always been a “Luke over Han” kind of person myself.

He’s whiny in some scenes, because he’s supposed to be whiny. I don’t see how that’s a criticism. He’s an annoyed teen because he wanted to go to Taschi Station and pick up some power converters. Why is that so horrible? It’s actually pretty realistic so far as I can tell, or at least a reasonable part of the character. He appears to have the most character development by far in the movies, and seems to go the furthest to not play a grossly simple archetype.

I don’t have any problem with him. Son of the Chosen One and all that, don’t ya know.

I think he may have made some questionable carreer choices other than SW, which has left him as a B star and not a megastar like Ford (is or was, you choose).

Corvette Summer anyone?

Jealousy. Sheer jealousy. :slight_smile:

This is news to me. He’s always seemed like a decent enough guy.

I enjoyed his work as the Joker in the Batman toons.

In retrospect, I’ll take his whininess over young Anakin’s cutesy-wootsey-ness.

No complaints from me, either. Not a stellar actor, perhaps, but I’ve seen worse who’ve gone on to much greater success than he ever had.

I was rooting for him to get Princess Leia… For a while.

Being from the South, I rooted a little bit longer. :smiley:

Ah jess figgurred he did, n then moved on

No complaints from me. He was fine as Luke, he does an excellent Joker, he was decent as the Trickster, his comic-book mockumentary was fun, and he had the cool sense to make fun of himself on The Muppet Show during the height of his Luke Skywalker fame.

Would that all celebrities could handle themselves with such quiet, wry aplomb.
“I’m resigned to the fact that, for the rest of my life, I’ve now got ‘Property of Lucasfilm’ tattooed on my ass.”
–Mark Hamill :smiley:

That he didn’t get an Oscar for playing Cock-Knocker is truly a tragedy.

Not to mention his leading role in the Wing Commander games. (Not to be confused with the terrible, terrible, terrible movie based on said games.

I don’t hate Mark Hamill. I would have liked to see him do better movies. I think he’s actually just your basic jobbing actor doing his best, which is fair enough, admirable even. He seems to be a tad wooden, but then I only saw him in Village of the Damned, playing a spooky priest who didn’t move much.

Maybe people hate him next to Harrison Ford. But the problem there is that Ford is just major star material, serious A-grade plutonium. All he has to do is raise a wry eyebrow and half of Hollywood want to hire him. It’s not Hamill’s fault but maybe people subconsciously resent his having the “starring” role in Star Wars.

If you ask me, having someone of Ford’s quality in an almost-sidekick role is what made the movie. You couldn’t get that again in a million years, George, and you know it.

I did almost hate Hamill, actually, for his role in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. It was just agonisingly contrived. I can think of about a million other ways to do a Star Wars gag, and they’re all funnier. In Clerks all that happened was they talked about Star Wars, and that was funny, because that’s what people do, they talk about Star Wars. In J&SBSB, they wheel on Hamill as some kind of pseudo-comic-book-space-hero (but we know it’s really him, right kids?) and he gets his hand cut off. Cue much mugging to the camera. “Oh, not again!”

That was it, that was the whole gag. I could have written better than that on the back of my bus ticket. In fact I just have. This post is better than that gag. Seriously.

Still, at least he just took the money and ran instead of telling Smith, “look, get over yourself.” Shows canny sense, that.

I kind of thought the implication was the Luke was really the one in the prophecy…

But anyway, as a kid I never thought the character was annoying, but now I can see that he’s almost as bad as Anakin. Must be a skywalker trait.


oy<—that one sucks…

But in fairness, he filmed that before Star Wars was released, I think.

People hate Mark Hamill for the same reasons they hate Wil Wheaton. He played a badly written character in a well loved geek classic. Therefore (in these people’s minds) he is a bad person who deserves all the vitriol for everything that has ever gone wrong in the world.

Anyone that can make fun of himself in The Simpsons, Family Guy and Robot Chicken is OK by me. I just didn’t like his Aunt Beru hair in ROTJ.

Am I alone in thinking that as he gets older he’s starting to look like William H. Macy?

I don’t hate him. But he’s a really, really mediocre actor. Whaddya gonna do?

I came here to say pretty much what Larry Mudd said…don’t hate him but he can’t really act. He seems nice though…

Let’s leave the slash out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been a Sci-Fi geek since before my own birth, and I seriously can’t recall ever seeing any Wesley type hate attatched to Luke.

Patty, CS was 1978, right between ANH (1977) and ESB (1980)
I liked him in The Big Red One (1980)
Hamill’s filmography