Spokesperson for Geert Wilder's anti-immigrant party blows party funds on drugs

Geert Wilders, the Netherlands version of Donald Trump, is leader of the biggest political party of the Netherlands. His PVV is very similar to Trumps party: anti immigrant and anti the political “establishent”.

But time and time again, his staffers and party members turn out to be incompetent lowlifes. A higher percentage of them have been involved in violent or financial scandals, then from any other party. Ironically, the percentage of PVV-politicians with a criminal record is now higher then the percentage of our most criminal ethnic minority, second generation Moroccan immigrants.

But todays news takes the cake. Wilders closest staffer is a guy by the name of Michael Heemels. He was both the national spokesperson for the party, and leader for the PVV in the regional government. And today it was proven that he has stolen about 250.000 USD and spent it all on an addiction to drugs.

So those are the kind of people drawn to an anti-immigrant party.

When I heard it on the radio today, I couldn’t help but laugh. A lot.

I really like the name Geert.

Please tell me there were hookers involved as well? And that his drug of choice was cocaine in crystal form?


Geert Wilder’s sounds like a brand of bourbon.