Spokesperson of Heart Attack Grill dies. Not of a heart attack. [edited title]


It was the mint that did him in.

But it was wafer thin!

Not really, If you read the box, each wafer is actually considered 125 servings. How else did you think they got the calorie count so low?

May I point out it wasn’t the founder of the place but the spokesman who kicked the trough?

Will they be serving him?

Tragic. Although as a vegetarian I wouldn’t be keen on an establishment where plain folks wolfed down 2lb of steak in a single bun, it has a simple homespun honesty and enticing gimmicks that the swankiest restaurants in Manhattan would do well to immediately emulate.
It wasn’t till about half way into the meal that I realized that the inner red cross symbol of a counter had mirrors that were angled up. This caught me off guard, like - wait, why am I looking up skirts while enjoying a burger? But sure enough they’re there on purpose to give you a better view of the underwear of the waitresses.


Plus the fries allow unlimited refills…

However looking this up, I felt a moment of astonishment — not that there are a few who need such strengthened equipment, but that in a recession cities are wasting money by upgrading their stretchers etc. to cope with the new sizes — it would be far more obvious just to buy a few extra Super Sized Ambulances for the rare case that needs them: anyone calling an ambulance for a 700lb man is bound to mention the fact pretty fast in the first few minutes.

Besides which, a vicious circle may be created by accommodating 850lb stretchers in that medics will have to bulk up in order to lift even one handle. I certainly couldn’t.
Boston was one of the first to retrofit their ambulances to accommodate more obese passengers—a $12,000 process—and now Fort Worth, Texas, is following suit, at the cost of $7,000 per vehicle. Fort Worth is also getting stretchers built to support 650 pounds, as the old ones, with their 500-pound limits, were occasionally proving inadequate. Boston’s stretchers cost $8,000 a piece and can withstand 850 pounds.
Good = Americans are now fat enough to require larger ambulances 24th Feb 2011

The last time I was in a hotel, the TV had a show on in which a fellow travelled about the USA seeing how much he could eat at various restaurants that offered challenges.

I suppose it is better than having cigarette smoking challenges, but even so, it is beyond the pale.

Some of my friends wanted to go to a HAG near Phoenix. I’ve always said that no matter what the restaurant I can find something healthy to eat (even if it’s just a salad) but that place was the exception. There were four things on the “menu” (which is painted on the wall) - 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x cheeseburger, all fried in lard. The buns are fried in lard. The fries are fried in lard. I don’t eat lard so I couldn’t even have a little thing of fries.

There are no diet drinks (which I don’t like anyhow) or even plain old iced tea available. My healthiest choice was a margarita which I drank while my friends tried to go through their cheeseburgers (one guy finished his triple, the other two got ill and stopped partway into their doubles).

They were all ready to hurl on the drive back. We stopped off and I picked up a sandwich someplace, think I got them some pepto bismol tablets :smiley:

The “naughty nurse” outfits wore thin pretty quick - women with way too much makeup in a place that reeks of hot lard while sunlight streams in through the windows isn’t much of a turn-on. And there’s tables with grandparents treating their little grandkids to lunch. Ugh.

The margarita was not bad though.

I’d like to eat at the Heart Attack Grill once before I die.

I imagine that the one will come shortly after the other.

Changed “founder” to “spokesperson” in the thread title.

I am hardly the first person to admit that lard is the way to go for really kick ass fries, but I too a look at a tv show on the place, and I am horrified at the food :eek: About the only thing I would eat there is maybe a couple dozen fries. The sheer amount of grease would have me in the bathroom for hours. :frowning:


I might want to go INTO said restaurant, just to check out the atmosphere, but I can’t imagine actually eating anything there. I guess you could get an order of fries and share them with an entire table, but that’s about it.

‘Ha, ha, ha, Pee-Wee! I’m not wearing underwear!’

I doubt many people would defend food like this as common fare, but eating there once isn’t going to be any more harmful than a single night of binge drinking, something frat boys do 2-3 times a week for 4-5 years.

The problem with eating foods that are unhealthy is more about their cumulative effects and the health risks you get by being overweight, having high cholesterol, high blood pressure and et cetera.

One unhealthy meal, unless you’re eating something you’re allergic to, is prone to causing choking, or is actually poisoned probably isn’t going to kill you.

Although then again, anything could kill you. Henry I died from eating a mess of lampreys that didn’t quite agree with him.

Lard gets a bad rap. It’s isn’t really that unhealthy.

That’s a meal that will stick to your ribs!

Surfeits. Lampreys come in surfeits. It’s beans and eggs and a few other things that are served by the mess.