Spooky Halloween themed speech

I have been invited to the local Toastmasters Club https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toastmasters_International meeting to give a prepared speech. They asked that it be Halloween themed, spooky if possible.

I find the easiest public speaking come from personal stories, but I’ve never has anything spooky happen to me. I have some Halloween memories, but they are either boring or have sexy cops (or nurses) as the subject matter. Probably not appropriate for a breakfast gathering :slight_smile:

Anyone got a favorite I could use? A standard, canned speech I could rehearse? They said 10 to 20 minutes is the goal.

*Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark *was the de-facto collection of scary stories to tell when I was a kid. Someone put them all online!

Feel free to borrow this true story and embellish at will:

Three Hallowe’ens ago, I was handing out candy when there was a knock at the door (of course). I opened it and beheld a tow-head young man in a business suit. Very dapper. He had an I.D. label attached to his lapel. The label said:

Hi! I’m Donald Trump!


Dress like a mime. Hold up a sign that says 'boo" for 10 minutes.:wink: