Spooky Halloween tv show suggestions

I’m trying to find some cool stuff to watch in the Halloween spirit.

I’m looking for shows, series or documentaries instead of the longer investment of a full movie.

I’d love suggestions for non-fiction as well as fiction.
Stuff like
The Twilight Zone,
Over the Garden Wall,
Face Off (the syfy make up competition)
American Horror Story (which I don’t particularly enjoy)

Reality stuff like:

Paranormal Caught on Camera
Unsolved Mysteries

Also and good Documentaries that fit the vibe would be great as well.

If you have Netflix, here’s a travelogue.

Movies, but an anthology pair of movies that play like mini-tv-episodes.

**Trick r’ Treat **- really excellent

Tales of Halloween - not as good, but streams on Amazon Prime

Great suggestion and great show. I can’t wait for season 2.

Trilogy of Terror

watching it now…
The male highschool student in chapter 1 is at least 5 years older than the actress who plays the teacher.


Actually she is 7 years older than him, and they were married.

ha! The math actually works out. He just looked so grown-up.

I thought Ryan Murphy’s “Scream Queens” was quite fun.

College student, actually.

But why are you watching the first two stories? Skip right to the third one. :wink:

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Night Gallery

Most Terrifying Places in America on Travel Channel and On Demand

Is “In the Tall Grass” on Netflix good? Is it on to hijack to ask for good scary streaming movies?

I certainly don’t mind. So tell us–IS it good?

Alright so we made it through the first two and gave up.
Because of this post we watched the final part.

I have to say, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in the history of ever.

I’m so completely thrilled with how that went out. I can just imagine saying “but officer, the suitcase was cut FROM THE INSIDE OUT.”

Friday the 13th The Series, aka Friday’s Curse, is a fun and often scary TV series from the 1980s which has nothing to do with the Jason Voorhees movies.

I thought it was pretty good. I read the novella upon which it’s based and had all but forgotten about it. Patrick Wilson gives a great, creepy performance and there are some trippy, disturbing visuals. Not outstanding but definitely worth watching in celebration of Halloween.

As to the OP, I watched several eps of Hauntedon Netflix (there’s a thread about here)and it is more than a little creepy. Speeking of Netflix, as I was scrolling through I saw tons of horror titles that looked promising, presumably due to the season. I bet if you check out the titles pages you can find hours of the programming you’re looking for.

Not sure yet, I only watched the first 15 minutes or so…wanted to get some input before I commited!

I’m currently watching “Requiem” on Netflix. I’m liking that, kind of a creepy mystery.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the episode, “Hush,” is a creepy classic.
The X-Files
Stranger Things

So much of this stuff suggested is hard to find streaming. I can’t find Ft13TS streaming or available for download anywhere.

However, you caused me to remember Monsters (1988) and all three seasons are available on Prime. So that’ll be fun :slight_smile: