spooky stories

I just ran across mp3s of readings of stories I haven’t heard for decades.

Boris Karloff: Tales of the Frightened. “Are you one of the frightened?” 5-6 minute stories delivered in his inimitable voice.

Burgess Meredith reading Bradbury’s “There Will Come Soft Rains” and “Marionettes, Inc.”

Nelson Olmstead reading stories of Poe. These are excerpts from his radio program, “Sleep No More”. Program intro (to spooky sound effects plus a solo for clarinet by Stravinsky, I think): “Turn down the lights. Sink back in your chair and don’t look into the shadows. In the shadows there may be moving things. Tonight, it may be, you will sleep no more…”

Anybody got other recordings they like?

For those who like old horror movies, there’s a treasure-trove of good stuff here. One of my faves: the wonderfully creepodramatic Brother Theodore (from Planet of the Blood Monsters).