Spore, this has to be the coolest game ever.

Spore E3 2006 Gameplay Demo
How cool is that?, from the primordial tidal pool preying on fellow amoeba to a galaxy wide empire. I specially like the UFO tractor beam when the guy used it to fling bugs over the rainbow. :smiley:

This one is definetly on my watch list.

I totally agree. This should be pretty damn good (and it’s from the guy who created The Sims). The gameplay looks pretty cool and smooth.

Just hope my crappy lawnmower-engine-powered, wooden computer can run it.

There’s another video where he obliterates a planet with some style of Death Ray (presumably 1920s). As my computer is about 5 years old, I suspect that this will be the software product that inspires me to buy a new one (sorry Battlefield 2).

Yep, there’s already been a few threads in which us gaming minded people spoke of the wonders of Spore. All in all, it’s looking like it’ll be a pretty good time for gaming in the next year.