Sport series ends in a sweep -- who loses money?

Let’s say a playoff series is best of seven, but one team win four straight games. The final three games are canceled with as little as a day’s notice. A stadium or arena probably sits empty that day, and all the people who were hired to staff it, don’t. TV and radio station (and their advertisers) also lose a big market.

Who loses the most money from this? The ticket holders? The players? The team owners? The stadium owners? The displaced workers? Advertisers? TV stations?

It’s actually amazing there are ever sweeps given all the vested interests.

Ticket holders don’t pay for games that don’t happen. They get their money back.

The player’s bonus is only based on the first 4 games (for a best of seven series), so they do not lose anything by having a shorter series (at least this was the rule in baseball, I assume it still is and I assume it applies to other sports also).

Since the ticket holders get their money back, anyone who would have received those ticket fees loses out - the team and stadium owners, the league. Also the concession vendors and employees, the parking vendors and employees, and the TV networks. You could also include local businesses like sports bars, restaurants and hotels.

But games 5-7 were never guaranteed to be played and should never have been counted as income. Nothing is lost, since those games were fated to never have existed.

Each playoff game that actually gets played should be viewed as bonus income only, not expected income.

Presumably the TV networks have set aside time in the schedule for games 5-7, too. What do they fill that time with? Sports commentary? Whatever would have run if they didn’t have the games? Whatever reruns they happen to have lying around? And how do they list it in the paper?

You’re right that the only money actually lost would probably be the cost of printing & distributing tickets and any other advance preparation that ends up not being needed. But the difference between the income opportunity and the actual income would be much greater.

Do they get back all the fees that Ticketmaster adds on? Service fee, convenience fee, shipping fee, credit card fee, phone/internet fee, print-at-home fee, etc? (I really don’t know, I’m asking.)

And I assume that if they got their tickets through a scalper, they only get back face value.

They usually run reruns of the shows that would normally air in that time slot. There’s no time to promote new episodes.

Scalpers give refunds?

I would think that anyone getting their tickets through a scalper, for games that are listed on a schedule as ‘if necessary’ and weren’t, would be SOL.

No, they can return the physical ticket to the stadium ticket office for the face value of the ticket. The ticket office doesn’t care if you’re the same person who purchased the ticket.

No, you can return the tickets to the box office for refunds in nearly all cases. You’ll only get face value. I don’t know if they care that tickets were sold through unauthorized channels, although they have the ability to track that these days.

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