Sports Announcers: WTF did you just say???

That’s not a WTF, that’s really funny.

The “monkey” thing did a some damage to Cosell’s career due to accusations of racism, by the way.

Indeed, and although it is uncertain as to whether he actually said it, he is also famous for “the bowler’s Holding the batsman’s Willey”.

Dan Dierdorf: “Well folks, stranger things have happened…but none stranger than this!”

Me: “…so, stranger things haven’t happened.” :smack:

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My friend had business in the MNF press box once many years ago, when Al, Mike and Dan were doing the show. He said that the second the cameras flicked off, Dierdorf went to the craft services table and started shoving hot dogs in his mouth as fast as he could grab them. 15 years later and I can’t hear the guy’s name without conjuring that image.


Don’t remember who it was, but while watching college football circa 1978, someone connected to one of the team’s was visiting the booth. The announcers asked him to do a bit of announcing.

This guy’s team had the ball. It went something like this — “So & so fades back to pass, . . . " [ ball is intercepted] " . . . aw, shit!”

Murray Walker was the voice of motorsport on the BBC for… 40 years? Anyway, he was like John Madden only all the time.

When Barry Bonds hit #714 (one of the milestones), the giants’ Kruk & Kuip were calling the game and were understandably pretty excited. A few minutes after the HR, Krukow tells Kuiper, “I’m still tingling, partner!” :facepalm:

TV commercial: “Up to 30% off, or more!”
Me: Wait, what?

This is my impression of Joe Morgan. That is, what I’m doing now is an impression of Joe Morgan. I’m adopting the mannerisms and style of speech of Joe Morgan for purposes of entertainment. Because an impression is just that, adopting the mannerisms and speech patterns of someone in a potentially comical way. See, when somebody acts like someone else, so as to amuse those around them, they’re doing an impression. Because that’s what an impression is- it’s when somebody acts like somebody else. For amusement. The amusement of doing an impression. Which is adopting another person’s mannerisms and speech. Ususally done in an attempt to entertain others.

That crap sets my teeth on edge. It’s the verbal equivalent of the area play in baseball.

I’ve been watching hockey on RDS, mostly because “c’est le but!” it way more fun to say than “score!”

I have a habit (annoying to my husband) of taking what the announcers say in French and directly translating them into English. Oftentimes there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with the French phrase, but the translations come out funny. The only one I can recall at the moment, though, is the comment that Mats Sundin was “expected to stimulate the Sedin twins”, and he’s succeeded.

Last night, during one of the games (I’m tempted to say Ducks/Sharks?) there was a goal, and on the next play or two a shot towards the goal resulted in the puck finding its way into the back of a player’s pants. RDS gets the feed from another network, and when the network cut to a replay of the goal, the announcers very quickly switched from saying that the puck was in the guy’s pants to talking about how the player had sneaked the puck into the back door (to score). That is equally funny in both languages, actually.

In the midst of the torrid 1978 pennant race between the Red Sox and the Yankees, the Pope passed away, prompting the legendary Gil Santos to say in a teaser for the late evening newscast: “Pope dead, Sox still alive. Details at eleven!”

Pretty much half the stuff coming out of Mike Goldberg’s mouth when he’s doing commentary for the UFC. I think Fred Willard used him as inspiration for his turn as the clueless commentator in “Best In Show”.

That reminds me . . . after that night’s Yankee game, announcer Phil Rizzuto again mentioned the Pope’s passing and said something like, “That’s the kind of thing that can put a damper on even a Yankee win.”

No, but if you watch the comedies on the BBC-A, you’d know what it meant.

I was half-listening to a baseball game on Saturday, and couldn’t understand half of what the announcer was talking about. Someone was “dealing” on the field and the pitcher had already “punched out” two players? Okay…

Correction: I’ve been informed that it was not Gil Santos, but Charles LaQuidara. Sorry, Gil.

SJ vs. ANA tonight

SJ McGowan takes a shot on goal. (18:24) Announcer (?) says “He drops it, he spanks it, and he misses!”


From Madden. Pre-recorded, mind you, on his video game.

“…that’s why 80% of the game is half mental”.

That’s why you’re a legend, Johnny boy.

I can’t remember which year. Gun to head, I’d say '07. Then I’d wonder why you would immediately resort to such a drastic interrogation method for something so mundane and I probably wouldn’t let you come over to play video games anymore.

You must be half mental if you don’t realize that this equals 40%. Which with 40% of trying and 40% of effort would be a big BAM! TOUGH ACTIN’ TINACTIN!

Now get on that blocking dummy, Dummy!

That was no doubt an intentional thing since it’s a takeoff of an infamous Yogi Berra quote. (Though I belive in Yogi’s case he said 90%.)

What’s really funny is that the bulk of those points came in the last 5 minutes of the first half. Up until Alexander caught that 80-yard bomb, the game was pretty close. After that, Minnesota fumbled two kickoffs in a row and gave Seattle ridiculously short fields to work with. Then Culpepper threw that interception…and the rest is history.

I’m not a big Gay guy.