Sports/athletics with twists and flips

A variety of different sports and athletic pursuits involve people spinning/twisting/flipping in the air. Off the top of my head:
-figure skating
-freestyle ski jumping
-various skateboarding disciplines (such as halfpipe)
-various rollerblade disciplines
-various snowboarding disciplines (at least including halfpipe and slopestyle)

I’m sure I’m missing one or two.

Does anyone know in which context the most spins/flips/twists happen? To the extent that I watch any of these events, it seems like a lot of them cap out somewhere slightly more than three spins/flips. In figure skating, a triple is a very good jump, a quad is rare, I’ve never heard of a quint. In various of the “extreme” sports, you hear a lot about 720s or even 1080s (1080 being 3 full rotations), and sometimes 1260, but again, things seem to max out between 3 and 4 spins. Of course some of them mix in rotations around more than one axis…

BMX freestyle
Judo & other martial arts
Pro Wrestling

Free fall parachuting.

As an interesting sidenote, one sport in which flips are banned is Long Jump.

When you take off from the board in a long jump, your natural body action is to rotate forward. As a result, several techniques have been developed to prevent over-rotation - hitch-kicks (the ‘running in mid-air’ some jumpers use) and the ‘hang’ variations.

Some athletes (certainly in the 70s but some probably tried it earlier) decided to just ‘go with the flow’ - and complete a full forward flip in mid-air before landing. Some studies have suggested that if world-class athletes adopted this, it would almost certainly result in a longer jump than is produced with the anti-rotation techniques.

So why is it banned? Well, if long jump consisted of running at your top speed and forward flipping into a sandpit off one foot, and EVERBODY was doing it - there would quickly be several deaths and paralysis injuries, before the entire sport was banned.

If you youtube, you’ll find a few examples.

Don’t forget baseball.


OK, that’s almost certainly true, but a bit of a cheat.

Does anyone know the answer to my question? In what event if any do people do quintuple flips or spins?

In diving, high degrees of difficulty have as many as 4 1/2 somersaults, or 2 1/2 somersaults combined with 3 twists.

U.S. Olympic ski halfpiper Torin Yater-Wallace did a quintuple spin at the end of a slopestyle course a couple of years ago – at age 16. I couldn’t find another example of it being done, though, so that might not qualify as “people” doing 1800s.