Sports Authority Can Go Fuck Themselves!

I am pigbitin’ mad right now over the assholes at The Sports Authority.

Because my boyfriend and I are both in need of new running shoes, we decided to take advantage of the “buy 1, get 1 half off” at TSA today. I also wanted to get a bench so I can do chest workouts at home instead of having to use the rickety equipment in our condo fitness room.

First, we went to get the shoes. The shoes we wanted were only on the wall display, but they had no boxes on the sales floor, so we had to get a sales clerk, oh, excuse me, an “associate,” to get them from the back. There was only one clerk, so we had to wait while he serviced two sets of people ahead of us. We were polite and waited our turn.

After we got the shoes, we went to buy a bench. We flagged down a clerk to help us, and he said, “Just a sec.” So we waited, then we saw him amble past us like we weren’t there. We got another clerk, and he helped us get the bench down.

Then we went to check out, the person there said that because one shoe was a Nike, and not part of the sale, we couldn’t get the sales price on either shoe. We asked to talk to the manager, but he said that he could not use the Nike as the base price and give us the discount on the Reebok because the Nike cost less.

So I had to go back to the shoe area, which was much more crowded now. I tried to get a clerk to help me, but he ignored me, not even acknowledging that I was there. Then I saw the manager sashay slowly through the crowd of people, not even deigning to help his sales staff.

My boyfriend and I were fed up by now, so we walked out.

The fucking incompetent, lazy, unhelpful retail monkeys at TSA will get no more of my money!
Before you retail people bitch about customers, you might want to check your own attitudes.

Your last sentence makes it sound like it’s got to be one or the other: either the retailers are asshole, or the customers are. I think this is a false dichotomy. In reality, the asshole customers are just the asshole retailers on their day off.

From what I’ve seen in the past, the way TSA is able to sell for such low prices is that they hire the least competent people they can, and spend time not training them to do their job. Then, they pay them very low wages, and hope to hell that the masochistic customer will still return for another blowout sale.