Sports Bucket List

What sporting events are on your Sports Bucket List? (BTW, as a spectator)

Dodgers winning the World Series, from a luxury box.

That’s about it. Most sports are best watched from a distance, on Tv, with air conditioning and beer service.

Lord Stanley’s parade down the usual route, please.

Stanley Cup and BCS Title game. I was at the 1993 Sugar Bowl (1992 season) Alabama vs. Miami which was the National Championship game. Technically, I was working so I wasn’t just a spectator but I still think it counts. :wink: Roll Tide!

Monaco Grand Prix

I’m scratching Summer Olympics off the list on Thursday, I got tickets to the Women’s Football Final at Wembley.

Good call!

I’ve already been to one of those events on that list. When I was seven, I attended the third game of the 1972 World Series (A’s v. Reds). That was the first MLB game I went to.

Two that are on my list but not in your poll are a Kentucky Derby and an Indy 500.

ummmm…You left off “Other” which I would have check.

My “other” is the start and finish of the Iditarod.

Auto and horseracing slipped my mind until too late. :o