Sports in the Park - A Record?

My apartment looks out on a park, and I noticed earlier tonight that there were quite a few different sports going on simultaneously.

[li]The usual pickup soccer game[/li][li]A few teenagers playin netless volleyball (a circle trying to keep the ball in the air)[/li][li]Two guys playing catch with a football[/li][li]A couple playing netless badminton[/li][li]Grandpa, Dad, and two little kids playing ball hockey in the (empty) wading pool[/li][li]The bocce guys with their usual evening game[/li][li]A kid-league lacrosse game[/li][/ul]

Can anybody beat that in their neighbourhood park? What about any other unusual sports or games?

They kicked me out of the park. I wasn’t even shooting towards them! Jerks.

I guess it all depends on what you were shooting Troy.

Kapiolani park is usually pretty hopping on the weekends and afternoons. But then it’s pretty big, 500 acres and we’re probably the most outdoors oriented city in the US. Now I’ve never counted the many types of sports going on there but I imagine we could probably beat that on any given day. Soccer is probably the most common since the little leagues play there. The tennis courts are constantly in play. Archery is nestled right up against Diamond Head. Barbeques and picnics are really popular with families and on the weekend you might see 20 or more large parties enjoying themselves many playing some sort of ball. Either the ball and paddle, ball and mitt or those balls that stick to the paddles. And they range from 2 people playing to the 12 for volleyball. Although most volleyball players go across the street to Kuhio Beach Park and play in the sand. Frisbees are usually seen flying around. Actually now that I bring up Kuhio Beach Park I think there’s a possibility there might be more sports played there. But then that’s the beach and people pay big bucks to go there and play.

I imagine we’re only in play though till someone who lives near Central Park comes in. Huge park. Lots of people. We’ll be creamed.

I can offer the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Good atmosphere, a few nice places to rest and have a coffee. The terrace of the Film Museum being my favourite.

As for sports, it’s a wide variety. Soccer, roller blading, frisbee, volleyball, jogging, that weird karate like sport where you don’t really touch each other and it looks more like a dance, miniature golf, throw-stick-into-water-for-dog, and topless sunbading (which is more of a spectator sport, to be honest).

500 acres is big! All I have is a little neighbourhood park, maybe 5 or 10 acres tops, which is why I was surprised at everything going on.

Vondelpark beats me too. I’ve seen most of those sports at times. Are you thinking of Tai Chi, sort of slow-motion karate? I’ve seen that. Unfortunately, the only topless sunbathing I get here is guys. I suppose I could go out to Wreck Beach, but they’d expect me to be nude too, and hardly anybody wants to see me nude.


I believe that is more properly called tai chi.

Well, I did say hardly anybody! :stuck_out_tongue: