Sports Injuries: Torn ACL

Multiple questions here:

  1. How does the pettellar tendon come into play in ACL repair, if at all?

  2. Is there a genetic predisposition to ACL/MCL injuries?

  3. Can there ever be a true “full recovery” after an MCL or ACL tear?

  4. Which are the stronger tendons in the body? Is it easier to repair a strong tendon or a weaker one? (I’d guess a weaker one would be easier, or at least less noticeable if not fully repaired.)

Secondary question, Do broken bones really heal stronger than they were before the break and how (if at all) would that translate to a tendon?

[I’m in a discussion about Edgerrin James’ chances of returning to his prior performance this season, if you’re wondering where this came from…]

(Links to sources would be greatly appreciated…thanks)