Sports you foresee going extinct in 50-100 years

Midget bowling

As long as alcohol is legal and there are establishments that serve it, darts and billiards are not going anywhere.

Using the alternate option of sports mutating to be hardly recognizable, in 50-100 years might it not be possible that things like designer PEDs, bionic implants or even robots become more commonplace?

Such things might force changes to the rules (for player safety, parity, etc.) and fields of play (greater distance between bases, higher hoops, larger fields of play, etc.) so as to alter the sport to be hardly recognizable by someone from our time.

Of course, I was told that I’d have a flying car by the year 2000, so it’s probably just science fiction.

It’s my understanding that pretty much all of what’s called “jousting” these days is a theatrical production with a pre-determined outcome and no actual competition occuring, much like pro wrestling.

Some of the racing variants. I don’t see quarter mile racing surviving except as say an opening act to a bigger race. Most of the NASCAR wannabes would fit in here as well, such as truck racing. Imho, racers need big bucks sponsors to survive, and I doubt they can get these sponsors on a 2-3 second race.

I would also agree with the horse racing variants like harness racing. I don’t remember the last time I saw competitive horse jumping either.

I think MMA is going to kill a lot of the martial arts competitions, including boxing. Kickboxing was already pretty small and regional to begin with. It seems like a lot of these will stay popular in the amateur ranks, but most of them will “go pro” in MMA.

The NHRA has been on ESPN and ESPN2 for years.
Bolding mine.

I was assuming that Cubsfan was making some sort of parody post in an attempt to mimic the stereotyped American ignorance about sports that are not American football, baseball, and basketball.

Are you saying that he seriously believes that soccer and cricket will die out? Because i find it hard to believe that any rational and informed person could make that suggestion with a straight face.

The OP was asking about professional sports. Croquet and lawn bowling have never been serious professional endeavours.

They both still have some pretty ferocious adherents, though. I can say with some authority that people will pay as much for a good croquet mallet as you’d pay for a top of the line driver.

I suspect synchronized swimming will die off, as well as ballroom dancing. (“DWTS” won’t last 50 years)

You know, I suppose that demolition derby as it is most practiced now is dependent on the supply of cheap huge rear-wheel drive sedans, the last of which were sold in this country in the mid-90’s (unless these are to become all Crown-Vic/Marquis/Towncar affairs). They do have front-wheel drive and truck classes, but somehow those don’t seem to have the same charm as the old land barges having at it.

But for the time being, they’ve still got plenty of 70’s and 80’s cars and DD is enormously popular at county fairs.

I do think that that is a very real threat to football, unless the equipment makers are able to advance the technology of helmets further, and / or the rules of the game are changed to reduce those kinds of hits.

I was whooshed, I guess.

We will see after the NFL lockout shuts down next season. Fans get real pissed off.

Well, in the absence of a confirmation from the poster in question, we can’t really be sure. He could have been serious. For the sake of his credibility, i hope not, but it is possible.

I think that buzkashi is going to be pretty safe. I mean, any activity involving headless calf carcasses just oozes with timeless appeal, am I right?

How about sumo wrestling? A pretty big professional sport in Japan but on the decline. It doesn’t have much international appeal so if the Japanese lose interest it’s in serious trouble. Plus it raises serious health concerns.

Bullfighting is another professional sport I can see dying off because of animals rights concerns and limited regional appeal.

Auto racing.

Lack of gasoline may just kill it.

Technological change certainly will, over 100 years.

do they still do figure 8 car races? i mean those suckers were fun to watch and depending on damage you could enter one of those races and if you got clobbered you just had an entry to the aforementioned destruction derby later in the night. plus it was always comical to see the leader get t-boned on the last lap allowing some turtle to kind of ease his way into victory lane.

While croquet as a professional sport may not have ever taken off here in the States, a college buddy of mine went off to Australia and makes part of his living playing there. I believe it’s healthy in New Zealand as well. Extinction of a sport can be a regional thing.

<this post has been made while studiously avoiding looking at the $400 mallet that has been collecting dust for far too long in the corner of my room>

Also lawn bowls is actually a professional sport too.