What do you think are the saddest excuses for a sport?

I thought this might be an interesting thread. Here are my top three:
3. Skateboarding - I tried it a couple times. Gay as hell. :o

2. Paintball - Enough said.

1. Hunting/Fishing (as a sport) - There’s nothing quite like killing innocent things for fun. And I’m sorry, but having a moose head on a wall is perhaps the worst idea for a decoration. Ever.
So whatcha think? Want to add anything?

Curling. When the world champions are overweight, middle-aged guys, it’s not a sport. People have enough reasons to make fun of Canada, anyway.

Amen to curling. It’s not a sport if you can chug a beer during it.

Cheerleading. Yes, I am sure it’s hard and all, but it’s kind of hard to have any sort of athletic respect for people with ear-to-ear grins in tiny skirts or skintight spandex yelling “Ready! Oh-KAY!” and throwing each other in the air. At least figure skaters look like they’re thinking part of the time, and they never yell at me to show my “Random Mascot Pride!!!”

I have a simple definition for “sport”: Must include physical activity necessary to the sport (chess, no; curling, yes); must have the other competitors directly trying to keep you from scoring/finishing/whatever (golf, no; basketball, yes); must have objective standards (figure skating, no; football, yes).

No physical activity or opposition? It’s a game. It may be a competitive game, but it’s a game.

No objective standards? It’s an exhibition. Perhaps one where there are prizes, but there are prizes for best pie at the county fair, too.

Curling doesn’t have opposition, does it? 'Cause if it does, that’s my pick for lamest quote-sport-endquote. Otherwise, it’s basketball. Only sport where you can tell the level of competition based on the score.

Bowling. For the same reasons curling is a lame sport.

Broom ball. Lets see, you go to an ice rink with push brooms and a four square ball and attempt to play something based roughly on hockey. You don’t even wear skates.

American football. I’d rather watch apple cores turn brown.

Yes, yes, I know I’m unAmerican.




My vote goes to underwater hockey. One of the worlds great spectator sports as well.

Wasn’t there about Frisbee throwing pushing for international recognition as a sport?

  1. Golf
  2. Golf
  3. Oh yeah, golf.

I distinguish between sport and athletic endeavor. Ice skating is highly athletic, but not a sport (unless bribery is). No one would say ballet dancing is a sport, but the physical skills and activity levels are similar. Same with diving and my least favorite “sport”, synchronized smiling, I mean swimming. All this leads up to defend curling, which is my absolute favorite TV sport. It is not highly athletic, but is infinitely more interesting than bowling that someone compared it to. When you bowl your first shot is exactly like every other first shot and your second is likely to be among maybe a half dozen common spare shots (unless you are a duffer and have missed the head pin). In curling, every situation is one of a kind, just like in most sports. It is highly skilled and also requires strong strategy. Once upon a time, it was equal parts shooting and beer drinking, but not any more, not at the highest level. And it is claimed that sweepers burn more calories than basketball players.

I used to watch hockey a lot, but the ratio of time spent playing to time spent fighting got too high and I lost interest. Disgusting.

Then there are the trash sports, like tractor pulls and mud wrestling. Oh yes, auto racing a more socially useless waste is hard to imagine.

Bowling. I’d add curling, but nobody does it here in California.

ballroom dancing

synchronized swimming

arm wrestling

bull riding

auto racing


Knocking stones around with a broom isn’t a sport–it’s janitorial work! :smiley:

I do so wish they’d get rid of any so-called sport that involves judges or judging giving scores. Or, modify these sports to eliminate the need for judges or judging. (Judging as in ‘making sure the rules are observed’ is OK).

Bunch of guys line up and race. First to reach the finishing line is the winner. That’s a sport.

Gymnastics - someone does a mat routine and then somebody else does, and it’s all down to what the ‘judges’ think. That’s not a sport. That’s an opinion poll. Get rid of judging. If, from the same launch, A can do two somersaults and B can do three, B wins 'cos he can do something harder.

To see the absurdity of ‘judging’, think about this. Suppose you had a race and A crossed the line faster than B. Suppose the ‘judges’ then declared B the winner because they thought they liked his running style better (or whatever reason). You’d think this was nonsense, wouldn’t you? Well, in the absence of any other evidence, how do you know they are not making precisely this kind of nonsense decision all the time in ice-dancing, gymnastics and other ‘judged’ sports? Answer: you don’t, and can’t know.

Sure it does, in two different stages. First, when Team A is shooting, the skip of Team B is in the house and can sweep rocks out of the back of the house.

Second, the teams alternate in taking the shots, and one of the prime goals is to knock the opponents’ rocks out of play with your own shots. That counts as opposition to my mind.

I’d also concur with Hari Selden - sure, if you go to the local rink you’ll see some unathletic looking players - but is that any different from the local softball leagues? But when you get to the competitive levels, fitness counts - if you watched the recent World Cups, or the curling at the Olympics, you wouldn’t have seen any over-weight or out-of-shape players. These guys play long seasons and train hard.

Also, have any of the posters who are slamming curling ever actually curled? Trust me, three hours of running on the ice, keeping your balance, and sweeping the bejazus for a demanding skip is not a pristine activity - its sweaty, it keeps you puffing much like any other sport, and is very much an acquired skill where training is necessary. And that’s just the sweeping. Throwing the rocks requires aim, balance and a good appreciation of the ice.

And finally, so what’s wrong with a sport where you can chug a beer in play? :cool:

badminton, croquet, and any sport where humans ride on animals who get food and water for running their asses off while their passengers get prize money

For those activities which require opposition, are scored objectively, and require a modicum of physical fitness, snooker/billiards always has seemed kind of silly to me . As a recreational thing you do at the pub when you’re half-soused and can’t walk straight, well, it’s got its benefits. But professionals make, what, 97% of their shots? The competition seems somewhat muted at that level. It’s sort of like professional tic-tac-toe, in that respect.

And t-ball. The players are all a bunch of whiny, out-of-shape children anyways. :wink:

Curling rules. You want to get beaned by a 42lb stone? I don’t think so.

American football is in a way wimpy. Mechanized armor is not as protected as these guys, and they still have the 'in the grasp rule. Also, what are fumbles in real life, and are in real sports like rugby and Australian rules, are not fumbles in American rules. The Oakland Raiders got screwed in the playoffs just passed. Also, there are more referees and officials in the field than in any other sport except race-walking, yet they still miss calls, or worse yet, grant teams fifth downs. Inexcusable.

Yes, I’m sure it takes athletic ability and skill and all that, but it still comes off as pretty lame to me. Then, so does the slam-dunk-fest that passes for professional basketball these days, and I’d rather watch rugby than American football, and Matt Damon says soccer is even more physically draining than genocide, but it bores the piss out of me. In my ideal world, wrestling (freestyle or greco-roman) and fencing would be the sports that guys discuss around the water cooler.