"SportsNight" and "panties"

I’m sorry but I had to turn off SportsNight this week because of the way the women kept referring to “panties.” For some reason I was assuming that only men said “panties” because it got them hot and bothered and women used the words “underwear”, “underpants”, or “knickers” to describe their lower undergarments. I personally have not worn “panties” since I was about 5 years old and still wore dresses short enough to show off the acres of ruffles on my butt. Ever since that age I have worn “underwear.” To me, it’s a stupid word, but I’m curious…how many of you women actually say “panties?” Am I in a minority, here? Or is it a regional thing like “pop” and “soda?”

voguevixen, I’ve never worn panties(that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) but everyone I’ve ever dated has always refered to them as panties when speaking about their own underwear. Personally, I hate the word underwear 'cause it sounds like something a mom would say. I’ve become very fond of the word “drawers”. hehe, I just love the sound of it.

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Hmmmm, so perhaps she was referring to them as “panties” because she was talking to YOU. (I’m assuming you’re male) and she had a feeling that men associate “underwear” with something utilitarian their mothers buy. So that sort of follows my theory that it’s a term that men want to hear. I think to women, it’s just another thing we have to buy every so often and find it hard to be titilated by. I mean, you don’t hear us giving “cutesy” names to maxi-pads or socks or something.

I refer to women’s underwear as “undies”. Silly, maybe, but far better than “panties” and not as dowdy-sounding as “underwear”.
It’s universal! It is an applicable name for briefs, bikinis, thongs, etc.

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Panties are the only thing I’ve ever heard them called, except thongs are always refered to as such. The only place the word knickers should be used is on a golf course, methinks your the odd one.

I say panties, you say ta-ma-to


I say panties or undies…underware sounds too boring for something that comes in such a variety of colors, fabrics and styles. I hear underwear and I picture those full coverage white cotton things my mother used to wear.

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Well, don’t look at me. VPLs make me a quivering mess…


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May I say that Sportsnight is probably the best half-hour show on TV now. As for panties, I’ve never worn them. Honest, damnit stop looking at me that way.

Democritus said…

O.K., is it just me, or does anyone else think those are very funny words to use when talking about panties?


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I usually say “uns,” coined by a former (male) roomate. I like it. It’s short and it works for panties, boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, thongs, etc.

Other than that, I’ll go with “draws” [like ‘drawers’ but pronounced more quickly]

FTR, ‘panties’ makes me cringe for some reason. I watched that episode of “Sports Night” and wanted to hide under the couch every time they said it.

voguevixen: you have no cute names for maxi-pads? We coined some in college: they were squirrels. This name would not work these days, as they’re no longer shaped like little squirrel bodies, but it worked then. Then when they developed “wings,” they became flying squirrels. Yeah, I know, but we thought it was clever at the time.

I have never, to my knowledge, used the word “panties” except when quoting or being derogatory. I hate that word. I say underwear or undies. I agree that “panties” sounds really stupid and juvenile.

O p a l C a t

Let’s see … I’m 37 years old … roughly, oh, 25 years of maxipad use … thinking back…OK,when exactly were they shaped like squirrels?

Catrandom (squirrels?)

How embarrassing… I say “panties” and always have. It is kind of a silly word, though. Fortunately it doesn’t come up all that often.


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Catandrom: about 15 years ago, maybe more…and I don’t mean, complete with little feet and tails and all, but just roughly the same size as a squirrel body.

I call 'em panties. I don’t think it’s a cutesy word, just the most descriptive word available. “Underwear,” to my mind, refers collectively to panties, bras, slips, boxer shorts, and several other things. “Underpants” is more specific, I guess, but it sounds too formal.

I despise the word panties. When I hear it, I think of something dirty, like a leering pedophile.

I just say underwear.

My vote goes to the undies and underwear camp.

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Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

Well, uhh, I’m not offended by the word “panties”, but I prefer “underpants” because it has funny associations for me…like the episode of South Park with the underpants gnomes, & the quote that appears as my sig file (taken from a series of book called The Adventures of Captain Underpants, by the ever-amusing Dav Pilkey). Plus they used to call me “Underpants” in college because once I left my underpants in this dude’s room, & the next day I went back to get them, & he wasn’t there but his roommate was, & I was all “Can I come in for a second? I need to look for my underpants.” It was totally funny & really cemented my reputation as a party girl.

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