Spotting Star Trek actors in other programs

Jason “Rael” Evers and Jay “Petri” Robinson in the Hawaii Five-O episode “Cloth of Gold.”

Lee Meriweather, a regular on “The Time Tunnel” as Losira in the TOS episode, “That Which Survives”.
A time tunnel journey into the future has hallways that resemble the interior of a Romulan ship in “The Enterprise Incident”. Both series were filming at the same time; I wonder if they shared stages and props.

It’s possible, I suppose. IIRC, TT was filmed at 20th Century Fox, but there weren’t that many stories set in the future. Desilu/Paramount, on the other hand, did a lot of renting out to different production companies, so TT might have used one of their ST sets for that particular episode.

Just saw the great 1993 Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones chase thriller The Fugitive, and spotted several ST alums in it.

That is the only episode I’ve seen from the future. I don’t recall how often I watched it as a child.
Thanks, terentii.

Just saw Brian George–Babu Bhatt on Seinfeld–playing Julian Bashir’s father on DS9.

Michael “Kang” Ansara without his toupee as “Mob Boss Piro Manoa” in the Hawaii Five-O episode “Death Is a Company Policy,” the first of the fifth season and without Zulu as “Kono.”