Spotting Star Trek actors in other programs

And Robert Costanzo as Joey’s dad.

Rhodes was brother of Rex Reason, who starred in “This Island Earth” as Cal Meachum.

Cue spooky music.

And Michael G. Hagerty as the apartment building’s handyman.

Scott “Captain Archer” Bakula in the Matlock episode(s) “The Power Brokers.”

Barry Atwood, Surak in “The Savage Curtain” is in the Rawhide episode, “Corporal Dasovik” as the Ute Chief Ollocot. He played the character like a Vulcan. Perhaps he was type cast.

Just spotted Clint Howard as a NASA technician in Apollo 13 (as well as appearing in just about every movie directed by his big brother Ron).

Louise “Rayna” Sorel as “Diane Foxton” in the Hawaii Five-O episode “Try to Die on Time.”

Just saw Christopher Plummer, less crusty than usual, in the clever mystery Knives Out.

Just realized that actress K Callan, who plays the Plummer character’s very elderly mother, also has a ST credit.

Michael “Dr Korby” Strong as bunko victim “Harry Maguire” in the Hawaii Five-0 episode “One Born Every Minute.”

Morgan Woodward, Dr. Simon Van Gelder in “Dagger of the Mind” and Captain Ronald Tracey in “The Omega Glory", in the Rawhide episode, “The Photographer” as Kale Maddox, one of several crooks who want to be immortalized by the photographer Taylor Dickson, played by Eddie Albert.

The latest Friends sighting: this guy, playing the director of a tearjerker in which Joey was cast as the dying dad of a teenage boy.

Mark “Sarek” Lenard as “Dan Bok” in the Hawaii Five-O episode “Secret Witness.”

It says something about me that I had no idea he was on any other program.
I need to get out more.

Lenard had a very long and varied career indeed.

Lenard died in 1996.
He was in several films I’ve seen, among them the prosecutor in “Hang Them High”.
I guess I did not recognize him without pointed ears.

Over in “TV shows only you remember” the series “Brimstone” came up. As it happens I’m doing a rewatch on that one and have already spotted Rosalind Chao. But the episode “Executioner” has Jeff Corey, who played Plasus in TOS, Michelle Forbes who played Ensign Ro on TNG, Robert Knepper who played Wyatt Miller on TNG and also Gaul on Voyager. Series regulars John Glover played Verad on DS9, and Lori Petty played Noss on Voyager. So, five actors with six roles between them across four series.


Even more impressive. That same episode also featured Scott Lawrence, who played Garon in the ST Voyager episode “The Void”. Lawrence is an African-American character actor with a long resume, one of those “Oh, it’s that guy” guys. So the total for that episode is actually six!