Spotting Star Trek actors in other programs

Theodore Marcuse, Karob in “Cat’s Paw”, continuing his role of Bad Guy, in “The Time Tunnel” episode, “Devil’s Island” as guard Lescaux.

Theodore Marcuse again as Captain Felcuse, another very bad guy, in “Operation Eichmann”.
Hogan’s Heroes actors Werner Klemperer as Eichman, John Banner as Rudolph Hoss, commandant of Auschwitz.

Lawrence “Stonn” Montaigne was in an episode of The Flying Nun today as the manager of a TV clown. Highly illogical!

You may find, after a time, that being the boyfriend of a flying nun is not so pleasing as having a crush on a flying nun. It is not logical, but it is true.

William Windom (“Commodore Decker”) as “Senator Harlan Henderson” in the Hawaii Five-O episode “Bomb, Bomb, Who’s Got the Bomb?”

The Senator has a suicidal split personality. This one was like watching an episode of Mission: Impossible, probably because that was their new story editor’s last job.

I imagine Windom carried that role off very well.

Two guys with ST credits were in the Eddie Murphy movie Beverly Hills Cop, which I watched a few nights ago: Ronny Cox as the stern-but-fair chief detective in Beverly Hills, and Jonathan Banks as the bad guy’s top mook.

Celia Lovsky, T’Pau in Amok Time, played Elsa in the James Garner film, “The 36 hours”. She also starred in the Twilight Zone episode, “Queen of the Nile”.
John Banner, Sergeant Shultz of “Hogan’s Heroes” played her husband, Ernst, a home guard border guard, who requires payment of a watch to get Garner and the girl across the border to Switzerland. He shoots the Nazi following them in the back, and, as an after thought, steals his watch.
“I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!”

That’s a great movie; I saw it when it came out. I was ten at the time.

For years, I thought the German Major was played by Arthur Hill. Imagine my surprise when I saw it on TV a few years back and found I had been misremembering. He was played by Rod Taylor.

I see on Wiki that it was based on a Roald Dahl work “Beware of the Dog.” Never knew that before!

I’ve both seen the movie and read the Dahl short story. There are some significant differences between the two, but both are worth a look. And ST:TNG had an episode which was, I suspect, at least loosely inspired by 'em: Future Imperfect (episode) | Memory Alpha | Fandom

I remember watching that episode in its first run. I suspected what was going on after a few minutes because I recognized the similarity to 36 Hours.

This episode of Voyager was on last night. It too has similarities to the movie.

I just saw that Michael “Korax” Pataki was also in The Flying Nun, in multiple roles

It was a trip seeing Schultz shoot the guy in the back.

Of course he would. After all, the guy was a Nazi!

We never found out what happened to his wife, though. :frowning:

It gets even better – Wikipedia says James “Scotty” Doohan plays an uncredited appearance as a clerk to Colonel MacLean.

Yes, that’s true! I remember that. He only has a line or two - and no noticeable accent.

It’s a good movie, but of course, with John Banner. And James Garner. Found it on the internet via the Wikipedia article.

Wandering down this wiki link, I did not know until today that Barclay and A Team’s Murdock were both played by Dwight Schultz.

I’ll have to watch that again.
Good catch!

That movie was remade as “Breaking Point” with Corbin Bernson (Q2), John Glover (Verad), and Lawrence Pressman (Tkeney Grehmor) and Ken Jenkins (Paul Stubbs).