Spray starch question

When you use spray starch it states on the top that you have to turn the nozzle to the red dot. Why do you have to do that in order to use the product?

AFAIK, there are quite a few spray products that ask that of you. I’ve dropped a few spray cans now and then, and the bottom of the nozzle seems to have a groove, or slot in it. Perhaps the red dot makes you line up that internal slot, and allows the spray to release? My two cents…


When you point the tip to the red dot, and hold the can as usual, the last drops of the liquid drain to the bottom of the feed tube. If, say, you did not point the tip to the dot the feed tube would be out of the liquid.

Twisting the tip does not move the feed tube, it merely alligns the can so that the tube is at the bottomost point of the inside chamber when you hold/use the can in the conventional manner.

I’ve alway thought that that dot was so you’d know wich direction the nozzle was pointing. Not very important for starch, but on caustic chemicals such as oven cleaner…