Spraying my apple trees

Last year we moved into a house that has a mini orchard in the back yard: two apple, a cherry and a pear tree. Worms and assorted fungus destroyed the apple crops, so I need to spray the apple trees soon with dormant oil to kill the overwintering bugs & fungi. Every store I stop in to ask about sprayers, can’t seem to answer my questions. All I need to know is what kind of sprayer sprays a stream that can reach up a 20 foot tree.
Can anyone with a few fruit trees point me to a make or model sprayer under $150 (US)?

Lots of portable pressure sprayers out there for the home gardener, usually run about 45 bucks. What kind of stores have you been asking at?


With only two trees to spray, if the stream doesn’t reach, get a ladder.

Thanks for the links DDG.

I have seen similar at local hardware stores (Home Depot, ACE) But because the trees were poorly pruned over the years, they are tall and broad. So I need a good sprayer with some distance and range.

I guess a better question would be does the PSI of a sprayer equal distance?

The distance a sprayer can reach is a function of the pressure and the nozzle orifice diameter. If the people selling them are knowledgeable about them, they should be able to recommend one that will suit your needs. Ask around.

I take back the ladder. :o


Anyway, found this, further down the page.


Still only $49.95.

And these folks offer a telescoping wand, $29.


Methinks you need a garden center rather than a Home Depot. West Chester is in the Philly area? There must be some big garden centers around there. Call them and ask them what everybody else uses.

Just got back from a trip to Agway…worthless.

I asked, “How far can this sprayer spray?”
“Mmm…what does the box say” Replied the clerk

-and so far and so on

Time to find my County Ag. Extention Agent, with my luck so far I’ll get Hank Kimble