Spread-the-word series: clucky

Inspired by this thread on Binarydrone’s law

I wonder if the SDMB community has the critical mass to start spreading new words/phrases. (“Gaudere’s Law” is the only one that comes to mind, that has made it outside the confines of the SDMB. Are there others?)

In case it does, I propose a series of threads on new words/phrases that you think should become part of the national lexicon.

I’ll start with ‘clucky’.

It means ‘conditionally lucky’.

If you have a horrible car accident where you total your car and break your ribs and fracture your scull, but survive because the car just barely missed going over the cliff, then many people will say, “boy, you were lucky”. No, if you were lucky you wouldn’t have gotten into the accident in the first place. You were ‘clucky’.

There are many similar, and less severe, examples from everyday life. It always grates when someone says to a person that they were lucky, when in fact what happened to them was far from what a lucky person would expect. The correct adjective would be conditionally lucky: clucky.

The hallmarks of a situation when someone should be considered clucky:

  • They needed a bad event to happen first before the ‘lucky’ event happened
  • They would have been better of if neither of the two events (the bad or the lucky one) happened

So, for example, if you get fired, but then find a much better job, then you were lucky, not clucky, because you would not have been better off if neither of those two events occurred.

  • Do you guys notice this also?
  • Is there a need for a word to capture this?
  • If yes, is clucky good, or does it sound stupid?

I guess this was not a clucky thread :slight_smile:

Clucky is already taken. You know, childless women past a certain age who get exposed to other people’s adorable children, and feel the biological clock ticking, are said to be clucky.

Make up new and interesting words, by all means. Just make sure they’re really unemployed before you go putting them to work.