Spriiing Breeeeak!

I have learned in my numerous years in college that the time to start planning spring break is now. We are in the process of deciding where to go, and I know that the folks on this board can point me to some interesting places.

Some info:
–Bunch of second-year medical students. As such, we’re not looking for the Panama City/South Padre experience–just someplace warm where we can kick back and forget about medicine for a week. Occasional party atmosphere is great, constant is not.

–Middle of March. Leaving from Lexington, KY.

–Funds are limited, but not that limited. The French Riviera is out, but we’re not down to Discount Lion Safari.

–We went to Key West last year, which was perfect. It was warm, relaxed, and teeming with local color. I wouldn’t mind going back there. As a gambler, I also wouldn’t mind a trip to Vegas, but some in the group who are not gamblers think it might get old. (I’m inclined to agree.)

Any thoughts?
Dr. J

How about New Orleans? It’s a good vacation spot and fairly convenient to Kentucky. It has its party areas (like Bourbon Street) but it also has more relaxed places. It has casinos for the gamblers also. One big question is Mardi Gras. I’m not sure what the dates for it are next spring, but I’d avoid it if possible. Prices go through the roof and the crowds are so heavy you can’t really enjoy yourself.

I’m rather partial to Memphis, Tennessee. Good food, good music, lots of fun. But I really like Florida. Clearwater has great beaches.

A-ha!! So you’re not a REAL doctor!!

Oh, c’mon–let me have my little ego trip. :slight_smile:

I am a big fan of both Memphis and New Orleans–in fact, many of us are going to the Big Sleazy for New Year’s Eve! We figure that if the infrastructure fails and the world descends into chaos, we won’t notice.

I have been to Mardi Gras–slept in a van on Decatur St.–and I had a great time, but I would like to see the city in slightly less chaotic times.

Dr. J

Dr J, I was going to recommend New Orleans too! My friend and I left our hubbies at home and came down for 4 days (after Mardi Gras this year, in April). It was excellent. Bourbon Street was still a blast, we found a great club to party at, and the hotel we stayed at (Chateau Motor Lodge) had a pool in their courtyard where we could lounge around waiting for the evening to start. It was definately a blast. Mardi Gras is (I believe) the week before Lent (whenever that starts!), which is before Easter. We’re going back this year in April again; maybe we’ll see you there! Have fun!

In my 3.5 years, I never went anywhere for Spring Break.

However, my undergrad was at the University of Hawaii…

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Here’s my recommendation for anyone looking for a great vaction spot; Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. This is a great place to forget about medicine, Mexico has none.

All kinds of great stuff to see and do there. Great night life, superb historical sites and fantastic seafood restaurants. I hear they now have a casino in the convention center; at least it was being built when I was last there in May of 1997. I suppose it is open now.

I’ve been there 3 times and always find something new. I’ve been to New Orleans a couple times too and I don’t think Cancun is any more expensive than the French Quarter.

If you want more info I would be happy to pass it along via email.

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UncleBeer, I’ve been considering Mexico for spring break this year, but I’ve never been and have heard all the horror stories\urban legends. How safe is Cancun in comparison to someplace like Miami, LA or New Orleans? And also, how hard is it to find people that speak any English?

First Hubzilla I hate you!!! Hawaii, some people disgust me.

Cancun, Cancun, Cancun! Spring Break was my forte, some say my de facto major. I did the South Padre, Lake Havasu, Colorado, and Key West trips, but the Cancun trip was the best by far. I went to Matamora when we went to Padre, and if you’ve done the same its not a close comparison. Cancun is not the stuff from UL or horror stories. It is exactly what you requested. You spend the entire day at the hotel pool/beach (I recommend the Krystal) and chill out while swimming up to the bar and ordering a Banana Coloda served in a Coconut. Then at night there are dozens and dozens of different clubs, everything from upscale dress and fine dining too electric bulls and wet T-shirt/stripping contests. I perfer the latter :). Most eveyone speaks English down there and 90% of the tourists are from the US, the prices are quite cheap compared to the US hot spots. You can basically assume that the price difference in airfare will be made up in cheaper drinks and food. The only problem I had was some drunk High School kid was pissing on a building and got arrested by the cops, i was flirting with a female friend of theirs and she freaked when he got arrested. So, I, being an articulate drunk calmed the kid and the cop down and bribed him about $30. This cleared everything up, but the kid broke his ankle trying to run before I got there and I had to carry him back to the hotel. Another run in was when I got busted having sex on a beach after skinny dipping by a cop/security guard. He tried to give us a hard time, but he was just trolling for a bribe. We blew him off and didn’t hear anything more. All in all Cancun is a great trip and those nights where you want to cut loose and act stupid for a few nights are going to be 10x’s better than the ones in Florida or Texas. Bring lots of sunscreen and sunglasses. It feels like your sitting on the sun at the beach. One other option is the Mayan pyrimids and ruins for the history/culture buffs in the group. Some of my friends went, I’d rather see the scenery at the pool side ;).

Myrtle Beach, S.C. Average March daytime high of 68 degrees, water temp 56. There is some spring break debauchery, but not much. And there are plenty of places to opt out. More importantly, you people are going to be doctors, for God’s sake. You need to learn to golf! It’s part of your oath! There are about 100 good courses in or near Myrtle, and plenty of opportunities to take lessons.

Hilton Head is similar, but more money and less party.

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