Spring break reality movies

There are two “reality” movies coming out about college students’ experiences on Spring Break.

One, The Real Cancun, covers the adventures of 16 students, and is from the producers of The Real World.

The other, The Quest, follows seven guys–one of whom, according to the press release, is a virgin and thus on the biggest quest of all (rimshot)–and is produced by Mike Fleiss of The Bachelor.

I do enjoy The Real World, but I’m not quite sure that my voyeuristic love of watching other people act foolish is so strong that I’m willing to shell out $10 for these movies.

Is anyone planning to see these films? Or has anyone seen an early cut, and if so, what did you think?

If you combined Bill Gates, Warren Buffets and Paul Allens total net worth, that still wouldn’t be enough money to induce me to see either of these scumfests passing trying to pass themselves off as movies.

The boneheads at ain’t it cool news love them, but what do you expect from a bunch of geeks who are over 30 still living above their parents garage?

I can’t believe they’re making a freaking movie about spring break. This is the mother of all bad ideas. However, I predict that there will be a lot of teen age boys going to this in hopes of seeing skin.

So are these movies ‘real’ or are they scripted?

Isn’t this just 90 minutes of T&A disguised as a chronicle of what goes on at spring break?