Spring puppy! *boing*! Sadly, no pics...

I was just driving home, and I saw something that made my day. it was pointless, and I must share, so here it is!

On a lawn not far away, someone had a brand new beagle puppy! It was so tiny, about the size of my fist… Maybe a little bigger, and he had it on a long leash. It was exploring his front lawn in a very, “What’s this? Oh! Grass! I shall romp on it!” sort-of way. Just seeing it made me smile after a very rough weekend.

Thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

Aw, I wish I’d seen that! I also wish I’d video’d our dog when she was first new to the world. Outside was full of wonders… a leaf! A rock! Grass! A bug! Another leaf, differently shaped! A sound, is it a… bird! And all those SMELLS! Sproing-sproing-sproing!

Puppies experiencing springtime for the first time… that’s joy.

A few weeks ago, I saw a sight that totally made my day. It was a small black puppy, really tiny, being walked by his* owner (I assume). The puppy had on a bright pink harness, and he kept running off in different directions after smells and objects, until he got to the end of his leash, and then he’d spring back in another direction to look at something else. Tongue out, tail wagging like mad (and therefore, so was the rest of him!), and his owner was giggling like a madwoman as she tried to coax him across an intersection. It was just so utterly, painfully CUTE!

*I’m assuming it’s a he… all the dogs I’ve ever had were male and cats have been female, so that tends to be my default!

Geeeeez! With the exclamation points in the thread title, on first skim I could have sworn it said: “Spring puppy boiling.” :eek:

Beagle puppies have Teh Cute. They learn to use their powers for evil and go around and run the world with an iron paw.

But they’re so cutecutecutecutecuteawwwwwwwww melts