Spring Tornados

Tornado Packing 250+ mph Winds Leaves Three Dead, 95 Injured

[url="http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20020428/ts_nm/weather_tornadoes_dc_3"Tornadoes Kill Three, Injure Dozens

My condolances to any dopers who live in storm-damaged areas or who have friends and family there. I noticed in the second article that tornado season got off to a late start this year. I hope this is a trend, I thought that we’re supposed to be seeing more instead of less because of global warming.

I must remember to preview when posting links.

I must remember to preview when posting links.

Now what? I swear, I only hit “submit” once!

Trust me…as a former Chaser and survivor of not 1, not 2, but 8 tonado assaults on my property (which I have now moved from-whew), I always believed that no matter what year it is or if the snows were bad, or if the whatevers was whatever(there is always some cockeyed way of predicting) that it may be a good year or a bad, but there is gonna be a lot of them and there is gonna be some people killed. This is due to a)more people and b) more people living in bad places to live

What is known is they are increasing in frequency and strength. What is scary is that the Meterological scientist are in fact surmising a F-6 to be a possibility. Thats over 300+ mph winds. and forget concrete and wreckage, this will turn everything to dust.

And as you see…they are not subjegated to “Tornado Alley” anymore…

The tornado killed one person in Prince Frederick. That’s where I do my grocery and Wal-Mart shopping…:eek: