Springfield, where?

Anyone who’s a Simpsons fan knows they live in a town called Springfield. I happen to live in Illinois, where Springfield is the state capitol, so I didn’t get the joke right away. As I got older (and wiser) I found out there were many Springfields throughout the U.S. of A. My question is this. Why are there so many Springfields?

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My theories:

  1. Someone first named a city with that name in Massachusetts. Numerous Bay Staters moved throughout the U.S. and took the name with them.
  2. It sounds like a nice name for a city.

I was under the impression that there were more Riversides in the U.S.

Well, every town has to be located near a source of fresh water; A river, a lake, or a spring field (aquaifer).

Because Jedediah Springfield had several dozen brothers and sisters.

I’ve got to go with Papabear on this, water and a field… Springfield. The NY state version of Springfield incluces an East Spr., Spr. Center and just a plain old Springfield. Their are plenty of other town names like this. Seem to be a lot of Bridgewater, lots of variations involving the word Ford, plenty of Watertowns etc.

Papabear seems on target to me, too. Speaking as someone who lives just down the road from Shelbyville (Ky), and only a short drive to not only another Springfield, but another Lexington, another Mt. Vernon, etc., it seems most logical. Anybody here besides me live within driving distance of a place called Monkey’s Eyelash? (It’s Kentucky, y’know?)

Actually, DIF, I believe it’s “Monkey’s Eyebrow”. I’ve never been there, but I’ve read and heard a lot about it and other strange place names in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Interesting how this keeps popping up. Are there really no better topics you can waste your time on?
The only Springfield I drive through is in Ilinois, and it really is no different from any other Midwest city of that size.
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Check out the “Why’d they name it that thread” here http://www.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum4/HTML/000738.html for my list or weird KY place names.

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OK, let’s put this one to bed already:

According to the alt.tv.simpsons FAQ at http://www.snpp.com/guides/lisa.html :

There’s a list of places where Springfield can’t be at http://www.snpp.com/guides/springfield.list.html . You have to scroll down a bit to get there.

The answer is nowhere, folks. Deal with it.

The Simpson’s intentionally don’t tell you which Springfield they live in… Just to make it seem more universal. It’s definately NOT Springfield Mass, which is not suburban at all, but beyond that it could easily be any of a dozen springfields.

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Sorry, folks. I forgot the key disclaimer at the top sating “In case you were wondering about the Simpson’s Springfield…”. I know the OP wasn’t askin’ but I figured I’d answer it. Sorry.