Spyware that I can't seem to get rid of

I’m struck with an annoying bit of spyware right now that redirects me to “incredifind.com” whenever a page doesn’t load, and upon going back I get pop-ups and all that good stuff. Sounds like a job for adaware and spybot S&D right? For once, these programs have failed me. They say I’m clean but I still get that stupid redirector page.

How can I get rid of this? Don’t say “Get a new browser” because I’ve stuck with IE this long and I’m afraid of change.

I’m on XP, SP1, by the way.

Here’s a site with removal instructions for KeenValue/Incredifind (which is probably what is hijacking your site to incredifind.com):


Disclaimer: I have not tried this, nor do I know if this is a trustworthy site. A Google search found several other sites with similar instructions for removing this spyware.

Another removal guide for Incredifund.com/KeenValue at www.Doxdesk.com, a reliable spyware resource. Try their online Parasite scanner, a script that checks your browser for spyware plugins, helper objects and hijackers.

Spysweeper is pretty good, available here http://www.webroot.com/products/spysweeper/

Microsoft has a not bad article at www.microsoft.com/spyware if haven’t seen it yet…

Aaaaargh. I ran Adaware, Spybot S&D, and then the trial version of Spy Sweeper, and they all found things, got rid of things, said everything’s OK, but then I go to a page not found and I still get redirected to some stupid search engine. The funny thing is, it’s different every time.

And after all that, I tried just going to Internet Options and deleting all my cookies. Bam. Problem solved.

Well, thanks anyway guys.

You’ll be back.


If you’ve tried everything in this thread, then I suggest you give Winpatrol and X-Setup Pro. They’re not automatic removal tools, but they should let you regain control of your system and then you can track the offending files down and remove them manually.

Winpatrol works- it doesn’t remove stuff, but it lets you know when the bad stuff is loading. Then “hijack this” or something else will help.
I still can’t get rid of about:blank- any hints? Both of the above help a lot, I get a “wuff” when about:blank laods, then hijackthis will remove it for the nonce. I have tried “aboutbuster” but no help- maybe because I use win 2000pro.

If you have IncreFind you will most likely also have Mindset Interactive-Favoriteman, ShopAtHomeSelect (SAHagent) and Targetnet. Missing one of those will allow the others to respawn. You must remove them all.

Run HijackThis and post the log here.