SQL Server and Oracle: How do they talk?

The subject pretty much says it all. How would you go about setting up a SQL Server database and an Oracle database so that they could interact with each other (via TCP/IP for instance)?

Any database gurus out there?

At work, I set up a Visual Basic program to handle the connection between an Oracle and SQL Server database. Basically, I just set up an ADO recordset, looped through the Oracle DB, and did a BatchUpload to the SQL Server DB.

Visual Studio includes the ODBC drivers for Oracle and SQL Server.

Thanks for the info Starbury. That answers MOST of my question.

I guess the rest of my question (and admittedly, it wasn’t asked very clearly) was if there was some type of way that SQL Server could talk directly to Oracle, and vice versa. Your explanation uses an application layer for communication, and that is fine. I was just wondering if there was a way they could communicate without an application layer (though it sounds like ODBC is the solution here).

Can anybody else provide an answer? Thanks in advance, and thanks again, Starbury.

ODBC is probably your best bet. However, this question would be better answered on the SQL Server mailing list (check out http://www.swynk.com) where it’s been tackled before.

Thanks frogstein!