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You read it again,
The question was NOT does squaw mean vagina there is nothing offensive about vaginas. The question was does squaw mean “cun_”? Indians do not find vaginas offensive. It’s too bad Cecil does and pretends to equate the two words. I have never in my whole life ever heard anyone call a terrible woman a “vagina” before but have have heard a women being called a “cun_”. I have never heard a man being called a “penis” but I have heard alot being called a “dic_”. He needs to do firsthand research with real Indians and not the dictionary, IE., fag means cigarette, but not to a gay, coon means raccoon but not to an African American, chink means a kink but not to an Chinesse American, trailer trash means garbage at a mobile home park but not to some Caucasian Americans. Instead he’s taking it upon himself to misapropriately self impose what he states as fact by making his very own decree and posting it over the internet for the whole world to see. I was told firsthand by a Sioux Indian from Pine Ridge that it indeed means cun_!!! And Whatever it meant before it has since taken on extremely demeaning negative conutations over the years in litature, movies, public media, and continues to in this day and age, THIS IS PROOF YET AGAIN!!! We Indians are the ones who decides what is offensive not non-Indians! How demeaning his internet posting is in the first place-- how presumptous of him to take it
upon himself to think he can possibly dictate how us real Indians think and feel? Or does he assume we are a race of people too ‘pitiful’ as written in the past by so many other non-Indians, to think and feel for ourselves??? DON’T TRY TO REPRESENT WHAT I THINK AND FEEL!!! GET WITH THE INDIAN TIMES IF THAT IS WHAT HE IS TRYING TO WRITE ABOUT, THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS TODAY!!! WHY DON’T YOU POST THIS TOO!-- FROM A REAL INDIAN FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE???:eek::eek::eek:


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