SQUEEEE!!!! 10 days till Half-Life 2!!

goes into crazy fan-boy coniptions

I could take or leave. I’m only waiting for Victoria and Deus Ex 2

I thought it was delayed?


That’s the damn funniest thing I’ve read all day.

“Poor fool… only now, at the end, do you realize…”

That’s okay. Go pick up the PC game Chaser. It’s cheap, and it’s a little hokey and cheesy, but it’s got great action and it’s like a cross between Deus Ex and Half-life. It oughtta tide you over.

EBGames says Novemeber 14th, but that might be wishful thinking on their part. Gamespot says sometime in the fourth quarter of the year. Valve itself says in time for the holidays.

Yeah, Muad’Dib, you might as well get Tron 2.0 if you haven’t already while you’re waiting. Or if you’re into RPGs, Temple of Elemental Evil is out. And if you like unusual strategy titles, I heartily recommend Ghost Master.

Gamespy still says Sept. 30
So does UK Amazon.

I saw that IGN does as well.

Gabe Newell said Sept. 30 and he would not lie to me.

I heard a nasty rumor that HL@ will be coming out on Sept. 30, BUT, it will only be coming out on Steam. The retail version will arrive about a month later.

Any truth to this?

Will there be a new version of CounterStrike for HL2?


Man I quit playing FPS games shortly after Quake: Arena came out. Its just the same deal most of the time, I prefer third-person games instead nowadays like GTA, THPS and the occassional oddity like Amplitude

Linky der’Linkenstein

raizok: Me, too, but some great ones like Half-life, Deus ex, and Battlefield 1942 restored my faith in them.

If you’ve EVER enjoyed FPS games in your entire life, then you owe it to yourself to pick up the original Half-life. You honestly have no excuse: It’s 10$ bargain bin fodder now.

The release date is, of course, a huge controversy, and rightly so. While Valve has been pretty consistent in always restating the Sept. 30th date, there have always been odd signs suggesting that they might not make it. Just about everything they promised to come out early (SDK, benchmarking tools, last movies) has been delayed indefinately, and Steam, their online purchase platform, is still basically of beta quality, and has yet to see the testing of any sort of purchase/pre-order system at all (something the release of CS:CZ would have been great for… if it had ever come out either). HL2 will be huge: not exactly the FIRST time you want to try out selling your game online with buggy software.

Finally, we have Fragmaster over at Planethalflife who claims (after much waffling about it) that his firm stance that the 30th date was a lie is based on information he had about Doug Lombardi telling gaming mags back in JULY that they should push back their coverage of the game a few MONTHS from the expected date. I VERY much doubt he’s lying about the email, though it’s posible he’s put too much weight on it, misinterpreted it, etc.

In any case, if we don’t hear about gold status by this Monday, start worrying big time. (It really sucks for me not knowing until at least then, because I have no idea if I should buy and construct my new system now or hold off and save potentially hundreds of dollars, as I have very limited windows of time to order, recieve, and build a system.)

We do know these things for facts:

  1. Gabe (the head guy at Valve and the de facto PR guy) has said that the retail and steam releases will come together: they wont do a steam-only release. However, on a another occasion, he’s said that Valve can’t control the retail release dates/how long it takes to get to certain areas/countries in retail.
  2. All signs about the game’s design suggests that they are very near done (which would contradict fragmaster’s info, since he claims that it will be postponed months). When last described weeks ago, they were in the playtesting mode. There is circumstantial evidence that “crunch mode” is already over for many Valve members (which is what happened in HL1: almost everyone had nothing left to do at the end while a few guys tracked down the last major bugs).
  3. Gabe has been saying that things will be “tight” but still maintains that they will make the 30th. Vivendi (retail publisher) also claims that everything is on track for a 30th release as of their last update (though it’s obvious that Valve and Vivendi don’t communicate well).
  4. Gabe has reportedly said that if you preorder HL2 over Steam, it will begin preloading several days before the actual release so that on the day of release, all they have to do is enable/decrypt it. This news is from a fan who actually went to Valve and got a tour complete with (non-photoshopped) pics, so it’s fairly reliable.

Also, the print mag of PCGamer says that its still on track for the 30th, and claims to have a review of the full game coming in the next issue.


:stifles a yawn:

I never quite understood the phenomenon called HL or CS. Sure, the very very first HL was fun for about 2 days, but…

I never could understand what the fuss over CS was about. Maybe I just sucked at it, but it seemed the irritating kind of realistic. Now, devouring a marine in my huge alien tummy and then pooping them out: THAT’S entertainment!

On to more exciting things like chartered tax accountancy?

Man, I am so torn on this. On the one hand I want to run out and pick this game up so bad and be one of the first to play it but on the other hand, with all the Steam crap, I am not sure I want to buy it just yet. I think I will end up holding out for a few months to make sure that Steam doesn’t ruin the game.

[sub]Of course I say that now but we all know that come the release date I’ll be the first one in line to buy the damn thing.[/sub]