Squid Game: Korean series on Netflix (Spoilers)

As I mentioned above, if you watch the Korean language version, the robot doesn’t say “Red Light…Green Light”. She sings a little song, identical each time, so it’s easy to predict when she’s about to finish and spin around. It looks weird in the dubbed English, since as you say, players stop in unison before she actually starts to say “Red Light”.

It’s established early on that 001 is (supposedly) terminal and suffers from dementia, which before the reveal explains all of his odd behavior.

Yeah, but one of the things that made me suspicious of him was how convenient his dementia was. He was not able to remember his name when asked and made a real show of it.

Yeah, maybe I’m just oblivious, but I didn’t see the twist coming at all. During the game, I just thought “Oh, he’s completely clueless to the fact that people are dying around him.”

Thought surely there’d be a thread on this. Couldn’t find one. We had multiple recs to watch it. We did. We were basically done after 2 episodes - we agreed. The dubbing and our closed captions never matched and it was annoying. BUT…the Mister said “what do you think?” and I said, I wanna know what happens. So we wasted an afternoon. It wasn’t all bad, but I still regret the time spent on it.

My daughter and I watched the first two episodes last night.

She loved them. I thought they were mediocre. A bit too predictable for me. However, I did like the quietness in many scenes; I can’t stand shows that are constantly blasting nondescript background music through the audio track.

We will continue watching them. Hopefully it will get better.

  1. There is a thread right here.

  2. You picked the incorrect subtitles. You had the Korean-translation subtitles on instead of the direct subtitles for what they were saying. It is right there in the subtitle choices.

I was on the fence about watching this, but I just saw today’s (Monday Korea time) episode of Running Man where they did an authorized parody of the series and now have to watch the actual series!

Even not having seen the series yet, the Running Man episode gave me a sense of wonder and suspense that has me super eager to begin watching it.

For those not familiar with Running Man, it’s a self-proclaimed “urban variety show”, that’s part variety show with regulars and guests, originally focused on an adult version of hide and seek combined with tag where the teams had to tear the name tag off the backs of their opposition. And now focused on less physically challenging games and sometimes movie and TV themed episodes.

You can watch the latest episode, #575 on Kshow123.com http://kshow123.net/show/running-man/episode-575.html

Edit: The parody is titled The Webfoot Octopus Game, because webfoot octopus is much cheaper than squid in Korea.

Also, the majority of the show is unscripted, with the mini-games and in this case the premise of the show completely unknown to the cast. Within the parameters of their screen characters developed over the years, they’re really playing to win. .