Squid Game: Korean series on Netflix (Spoilers)

I thought the brother looked down and saw him swimming away. It was very far away, but there was definitely something moving in the water. I assumed it was the policeman. But even if he did survive, did his phone?

OTOH, seeing that the games are still running a year later, it would appear that either he died, and/or his evidence was never transmitted, or destroyed. But maybe it just got swept under the rug by someone powerful in connection with the games.

If there’s a second season, I’m certain either he survived and is waiting to try and infiltrate again, or he died but someone received or intercepted his evidence and will follow up. I feel like this is the kind of show where the former is more likely.

I don’t know. Somehow the policeman’s brother went from winning the game to running it. I hope if there is another season that it’s both a prequel and a sequel, covering both what happens to 456 now and the backstory of the host.

They told him to continue getting on the plane, and that it would be very bad for him if he didn’t. That means they were watching him. I agree that he’d likely either be dead or kidnapped the minute he walked out of the airport.

Assuming 001 knew what games were coming, this was a pretty big violation of the ‘no cheating’ rule. They seem to take the fairness of the game extremely seriously, like it’s the whole point of the games - to give people one last chance at success in a game that is not rigged for anyone. They were willing to execute their own workers for slightly violating those rules.

Different rules for the rich and the poor seem to be following in the theme of the show.

My head canon is that he was in SOME danger, but obviously had a huge leg up with the inside knowledge of what events were coming, and was 100% guaranteed to survive some events, etc. If he’d obviously flubbed red light green light and then not been shot dead, that would have been pretty hard to hide. His presence certainly violated the claimed 100% fairness of the games… obviously exceptions are made for extremely rich people who are founders of the game.

The man was an entitled billionaire who set up an annual death game that caused hundreds of people to kill each other for his and other’s amusement. He made his money by lending money, precisely to the same kind of poor, desperate rubes that he would be killing in his death game. Despite being old and frail, he was an evil, evil f*ck. You can bet he would cheat and laugh at the players and their struggles.

The old man made his fortune lending money. This ties in to the whole debt theme of the show. And to the whole country-wide debt crisis. I’m guessing big corporate lenders are a popular choice as bad guys in Korean movies, currently.

It didn’t seem like he did anything to gain advantage knowing the games however. He didn’t go for the triangle in the honeycomb game, or tell everyone to pick strong men in the tug of war.

He made sure to pick the star instead of the umbrella. And he knew how to win at tug of war despite strength disparities. But yeah, the tug of war doesn’t seem like he could cheat his way out.

456 picked the umbrella first. Watching the scene, he actually looks a little upset that 456 picked it, because I don’t think he wanted 456 to die (yet).

He knew that 456 would have the problem licked.

I had a very strong reaction of disgust to the prolonged licking scene. Not sure why, but something about the sound and visuals squicked me out and I had to look away.

I had a powerful reaction to it as well. It reminded me of an incident from my younger, stupider days.

As a teenager I once bought an oversized jawbreaker (perhaps 2 inches in diameter) and I had the brilliant idea to lick it until a hemisphere was left and you could see all of the different colored layers inside. But one day I had been licking it for a long time and I noticed that there was a slight patina of blood where I had been licking. It took a while for the surface of my tongue to completely heal.

If you look closely at Red Light, Green Light you’ll see that the targeting computer graphic doesn’t even register player 001. He was never in danger of getting shot.

Dang! I’ll have to go back and look for that. I knew he was up to something as soon as I saw him slinking towards the doll with that huge grin on his face. Everyone else was freaking out, and he was just slithering along.

I think that might be over-analyzing a bit too much. It’s pretty clear that players closer to the edge of the screen “glow” more than people near the middle. It’s just a video effect. He’s clearly highlighted just like everyone else.

I can’t tell if that’s an artifact or not. It doesn’t look like much on watching.

I had a look at that scene, obviously there’s never a targetting reticule at any point, that was added to the image. 001’s green outline is perfectly consistent with the other scenes we see immediately before, where we see the green outline added in real time, there’s no clue here, 001 is treated the same as all the other players in the mechanics we see.

Yeah that guy is thinking way too hard. Don’t need a ton of insight to see there was clearly something “special” about 001 as the camera focused on him, he was the first person to run forward after the initial massacre, and he stopped a moment before “red light” was declared, like he knew exactly how long “green light” would last.