I just got back from a harrowing dinner of freshly slaughter squirrel. Squirrel? Yes. How many of you out there like to eat squirrel, and have had squirrel in the past, lets say, year. Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad. It was just the fact that my father picked it up after running over it with our van. Also just the fact that it was squirrel ! I’ve never heard of an individual who eats squirrel. Those of you who have had squirrel, what did you think of it?

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Ya know, there was a time in my life when BBQ squirrel was vastly enjoyed by my family. But I never could touch it. Swear to God, a skinned squirrel looks like a chihuahua on the grill. Ick Ick Ick Ick Ick!

And let this be a lesson to you, kiddies! This is why people go to college! So they never have to see these horrors (or eat them) AGAIN!

It has to be asked was it served in a wine sauce?

Squirrel au vin :slight_smile:

no, actually, in a white sauce with egg noodles. not horrible.

Here in North Carolina, squirrel brains and eggs are still found on some country diner menus. Ya rarely see squirrel stew, etc, but the brains-n-eggs combo seem to have some allure.

Don’t even start with the Jesse Helms jokes, thankya.

Squirrels have eggs?

Us cityfolk need some learnin’ :wink:

Hello literatelady! I hear squirrel isn’t that bad and am actually thinking about having some for breakfast tomorrow.

:confused: That is just wrong. Eating roadkill for dinner? I mean, I understand these are hard times for everyone but the road isn’t very sanitary. Just think of all the possums, skunks, cats, etc. that have been on that road.


Nah, Kaf, it’s their nuts you really want…

I think I had some of those one time… Rocky Mountain … something or other … tasty!

Bite down and they pop! :eek: :eek:

Bailey White has an essay about her mother eating roadkill (Dead on the Road, oddly enough) in her book Mama Makes Up Her Mind.

Since Ms. White is a kindergarten teacher and a volunteer firefighter, she wouldn’t lie about something like that.

If you ever have the chance to have squirrel along with a moose steak, don’t. You can get in beeg trooble for moose and skvirrel.
-Rue. (under the influence of cold pills)

I’ve always wondered. Are cold pills more potent than warm pills? You never seem to hear about warm pills. :wink:

Welcome, literatelady! Hmm…wouldn’t a truly literate lady capitalize her name properly? :wink:

I had shake and bake squirrel once (hind legs). It was pretty gamey. I didn’t care for it too much. Rabbit is very good, and I liked alligator and skate when I had them.

Actually, **Bippy[/y], I think she said it was Squirrel au van.

Thanks, I was beginning to think no-one would get that old joke.

On the issue of the OP, I thought there was a problem in cooking and eating road kill that the critters bones would get all splintered up and become dangerous if you swallowed a sharp bone shard. My Granddad was as near to an American mountain man as is possible for a Brit who lived all his life in Britain.

Hmmm…maybe that explains the sharp pains in my stomach! :smiley:

I guess a more correct term would be hit instead of run over. Apparently there were no broken bones, but a vital organ was punctured. Sorry for the mixup!

You don’t ask if people “have had” squirrel. You ask if they “have et squirrel.”

Oh my God, oh my God…any Pittsburgh dopers have a link to WDVE’s classic “Roadkill Cafe”? I’d die right now for a chunk of skunk, hard luck duck, road-toad-a-la-mode. Smear of deer? Poodles and noodles?

Tastes real good, straight from the hood.

I ate squirrel a long time ago on a ‘survival’ week (in the New Forest, of all places, where you can’t get more than a mile away from people) - nice, but not much of it.