Squirrels--am I the only person that likes them?

A chipmunk was recently spotted in Tel Aviv (bottom two pictures). No-one has any idea where it came from.

These guys like 'em.

I love squirrels! They’re awesome. Around these parts (Norway), we have them, but they’re rare, and doubly so in cities. They’re shy, too, and you usually only catch a glimpse of them before they scurry up a tree. When I was growing up, seeing a squirrel was always a tiny special occasion for me. I would always happily proclaim “squirrel!” (well, in Norwegian, anyway,) and do a little happy dance.

Imagine how I felt when I finally got around to visiting New York a couple of years ago, unaware of the city’s abundance of the critters. On the first day I was in Battery Park, spotted a squirrel, and happily did my little squirrel spotting routine. A minute later, I saw another one, and then another, and this one was just hanging out on a bench, completely cool with having people around, practically eating out of people’s hands. Gradually it dawned on me: I was in squirrel heaven!

On the long list of stuff I loved to bits about NYC, squirrels go high up.

Thanks a lot! Now some poor soul will have to pay hundreds of dollars to extract those little bastards from their attic. :slight_smile:

I grew up with red squirrels just outside of the city at the camp. (Northern Ontario speak for cottage) They were pretty tame and my brother and I fed them out of our hands. Sometime in the last 10 or so years black squirrels made it into Thunder Bay and now a bunch hang out in /near my parent’s back yard. So far none in their attic… or mine, but they require constant vigilance.

I still think they are cute. And I like to feed the ones that hang out in the yard of my apartment building in Vancouver.

I moved from California to Ohio just before my freshman year in High School. I was used to lizards, coyotes, horned toads and the occasional chupacabra.

I clear;y remember the first time I saw a squirrel in Ohio. I pointed it out to my classmates, and they looked at me like I was the dumbest kid on Earth. I asked if they ever saw lizards, and they wondered which planet I was from.

I may have been slightly over-excited when I first saw a squirrel, but at least I wasn’t the kid that asked me how much it costs to get into Hollywood… (like it’s an amusement park). The answer is “your soul” right?

When I take a walk in the park I always take along some peanuts for the squirrels that I’ll encounter. It’s become almost a ritual now. They would see me coming and would scurry up to me for a peanut. Some are quite clever (or greedy!) in how they can stuff 2 or 3 peanuts (in shell) into their mouths! They generally would grab my treat and take it up a tree to eat. I find them quite cute the way they would sit up with their paws up.

Chipmunks are adorable, and that is an indisputable fact. Unless one killed your family, then you can hate them.

I like squirrels. We often see them scampering across power lines between trees here in Bangkok. The wfe often spots squirrels outside her office window, which has some big trees and power lines nearby.

Of course, I’m fond of pigeons too. :smiley:

No squirrels here, but dealing with a family of racoons robbing/destroying my feeders every nite, causing me to go through the hassle of taking them down/putting them up daily…PITA!! Chipmunks we have, and I thought they were cute until I realized they were eating up my flower bulbs, and that will NOT do, so hubby brought out the 22…As far as squirrels, if I had them robbing my sunflower feeders in the daytime, when I obviously can do nothing about it, they would need to go! I am an animal lover, so there is a fine line …and at the cost of 31.99 for a 50lb bag of sunflower seed in this neck of the woods, they would be on the receiving end of a gun or a live trap for sure!! Not so cute!!!

I think we’ll see that city folk are much fonder of squirrels than rural and suburban homeowners. Urban types don’t have attics or gardens, and besides, city squirrels tend to stick to the parks, making them “adorable wildlife” rather than “pests”.

Thanks for all the posts. I’m not the only person that likes squirrels but I don’t like them with butter and garlic. But I’m not a vegetarian, so I’d eat one in a hearbeat if I were hungry enough.

I’ll try the peanut butter thing.

My dad loves squirrels too. When he was a kid, he fed them out of his hand. I sat with him while he fed them when I was little. He had pigeons too.

Yeah, I know.

Tree rats and flying rats. Look, I know.

The SO and I call the birds “The flying piglets”

I have a friend in Australia who’s been to North America several times, and he loves squirrels too.:slight_smile:

I like squirrels, and I’m bummed that the local cats have scared them away from our apartment complex. I got a kick out of the juveniles chasing each other up and down the trees in late winter and fall. My favorite subspecies are the Kaibab and Albert’s.

Of course, no thread on this topic would be complete without a mention of the Squirrel Cop. (warning: may not be suitable for squirrel lovers)
Part 1
Part 2

Love my birds, and love the squirrels too. I don’t care that they eat out of the bird feeders, and I put out peanuts and corn for them as well. Birds and squirrels both also eat the cat food I put out for my barn-ish kitties. It’s a feeding frenzy out there :slight_smile:

I like watching the squirrels race along the power line wires. Sometimes I see them in my pine tree. They tease my dogs sometimes. They’ll stand on the ground and then climb to safety just as the dog gets there. :smiley:

Excellent lyrics! Is there a particular “sung to the tune of?”

I’m thinking Monty Python’s Spam song.

If you change the meter, the words could work well with the Toreador Aria from Carmen. Or even “Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja” from the Magic Flute. Or maybe you could just go with “Jinglebells”.

I like squirrels just fine, except when they empty my bird feeders; the bird seed is just too expensive … and the damn squirrels live in my walnut trees.

I use a combination of squirrel baffles and squirrel proof bird feeders. I also put out a squirrel feeder to give them corn; the corn is cheaper than sunflower seeds and they seem to like it better.