St. Louis Sues NFL, Gets $790 Million

A four-year lawsuit by several St. Louis government entities against the NFL ended yesterday with a big damn paycheck.

St. Louis filed suit in 2017 claiming that 1) the NFL had ignored its own relocation guidelines by allowing the Rams to move to Los Angeles and 2) deliberately misled St. Louis into spending millions of dollars to develop plans for a new stadium and other efforts that would have satisfied the guidelines and kept the team in St. Louis.

Multiple attempts by the Rams and NFL to have the lawsuit thrown out had already been dismissed. The discovery process showed multiple instances of the Rams and NFL saying one thing in public while doing the opposite in private. Several NFL owners were facing contempt of court charges for failing to turn over financial records that had been subpoenaed, and the trial itself was scheduled to begin in January.

As part of the original agreement to relocate, Rams owner Stan Kroenke guaranteed to the NFL to cover any lawsuit that resulted from the move to L.A. Lately, Kroenke has been making noises that there were limits to what he might pay, which has driven a wedge between him and the other owners.

Remind me again how much Georgia Frontiere had to pay to Los Angeles for doing the exact same thing when she moved the Rams from LA to StL.